TikToker slams backlash over baby's 'unique' name: 'Cruel'

Influencer Liana Jade broke down in tears while addressing the controversy.

A TikToker has lashed out after her unconventional baby name was mocked online in a “messed up” video. Liana Jade, who has 8 million followers on the platform, shares a young son named Koazy with her partner Connor Darlington.

After US influencer couple Matt and Abby Howard took aim at “off the wall” baby names on their podcast, their comment section was flooded with nasty comments about Liana’s eight-month-old baby. The influencers were careful not to name anybody in their The Unplanned Podcast episode, but called new baby names “out of control” and “scary”.

L: TikToker Liana Jade crying. R: TikToker Liana Jade holding her son Koazy
Popular TikToker Liana Jade named her baby Koazy, pronounced cosy. Photo: TikTok/lianajadee & Instagram/liana_jadee

The pair also took aim at modern names, with Abby stating that it ‘wasn’t a flex’, and adding that using a unique name could actually be “a red flag”.

Although the comments on that video have been now turned off, the UK mum was visibly upset. Liana addressed fans in a raw video from her bedroom as she tried to hold back tears.


“[Matt and Abby] were saying how ridiculous some of these ‘new, unique’ [baby] names were,” the 24-year-old said, before slamming the couple for originally leaving the comment section open.

“To allow all of these people who didn’t like our baby name, to just rip at it, is really upsetting. I knew everyone wasn’t going to love the name so I am not going to sit here defending it…but it’s just different when there’s this comment section open on such a big influencer’s video of people, fully grown adults, just sat there slandering my baby’s name,” she added.

L: Liana, Connor and Koazy. R: TikToker Liana Jade crying
Liana often shares snaps of her baby Koazy on social media. Photo: Instagram/liana_jadee & TikTok/lianajadee

The TikToker labelled the US couple’s act as “cruel” and stated that she would never have done the same in one of her social media videos.

She also told fans that the baby name she chose with Connor was made with love and ‘wasn’t a flex’.

“People have pulled it out of context, like we’ve called him Koazy because he was cosy in the womb. No, it was a name that we already had. And as I was getting so heavily pregnant, people were saying that he was cosy in your belly,” she explained. "It was almost like, oh my god, it's meant to be."

Liana’s fans rally around her

It wasn’t long before Liana’s heartfelt plea went viral, gaining over 6.4 million views. Fans of the British couple quickly took to the comments to support the young mother.

"Your baby your decision, it's a name, doesn't define him negatively. Be proud of your choice and your baby,” one fan wrote.

“Oh no don’t cry hun it’s an amazing name! They just don’t have good taste in names!” another added.

“Koazy is such a unique and beautiful name, I absolutely love the name!” a third chimed in.

Influencer couple Matt and Abby didn't hold back. Photo: TikTok/unplanned_podcast
Influencer couple Matt and Abby didn't hold back. Photo: TikTok/unplanned_podcast

Matt and Abby face backlash

The clip of Matt and Abby declaring that “baby names have gotten out of control in 2023” has been shared by other TikTok users. In the discussion, Abby kicks off by saying that unique names ‘bug her’.

“Some of the names that are out there nowadays are just like, so off the wall. I’m like, you know your child is going to grow up and be an adult and potentially work in a professional setting,” she said.

Matt agreed with his wife, saying that ‘cute kids' names’ can sometimes be “scary” once they get older.

Their discussion was labelled on TikTok as “messed up”, with one saying they felt “so bad” for Liana.

“It might not be the name you would choose, but be KIND,” another added.

“I know they weren’t specifically talking about Koazy but still it’s messed up that they’re making fun of babies' names,” a third chimed in.

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