TikToker shares smart hack for meal prepping: 'Fantastic idea'

It's easy and means you'll have lots of variety.

A TikToker has shared a handy tip for all those struggling to meal prep for the work week. She shared her simple but genius process - in a video that’s racked up over 355,000 views - after having many of her followers say they don’t like preparing meals in advance because they can’t eat the same thing every single day. So, she gave followers a tour of her freezer.

“This is my tip: freeze all your leftovers,” she said, as she opened her freezer drawer. “What I do is I’ll make a big crockpot of food and then anything left after we’ve had our dinner, I will freeze flat… in these medium-sized freezer bags, and then file them once they’re frozen into this drawer.”

TwosTikTok screenshots of frozen meals
If you pop your frozen leftovers into warm water for 30 seconds, it's easy to break up and microwave. Photo: TikTok/this_kiwi_tracks

With the frozen flat bags not taking up much space, she has effectively turned her freezer drawer into a filing cabinet filled with different meal options.


“Then every day when we want lunch, we just come here and grab them. And we can choose from so many types of things, because we have so much variety!” she exclaimed.

In another drawer, she showed followers some smaller portions of frozen rice which can easily be paired with curries or other meals.

“I cook up a kilogram of rice at a time in my pressure cooker and then freeze portions,” she explained.

She usually only freezes what she calls “one-pot meals” such as curries, taco meat, stews and pasta bakes.

TikToker praised for her ‘filing cabinet’ hack

People loved the simple freezer hack, with many saying they had never thought about using freezer bags before.

“What a great idea!” a person commented. “I hate leftovers but this seems like such a great idea to have a portion for lunch the next week. Love it!”

“I’m gonna have to do this because my husband never eats leftovers and it just goes to waste,” a second added.

“I don’t know why I’ve literally never thought of this and I get so upset when leftovers go bad and I have to toss them,” another chimed in.

“Love that it’s organised like a file cabinet,” a fourth wrote. “So smart freezing them flat in bags!” another agreed.

Two TikTok screenshots with frozen meals and freezer bags
Using freezer bags is key for quality. Photo: TikTok/this_kiwi_tracks

How does she prevent freezer burn?

To make sure your food is stored safely in the freezer, the TikToker said using freezer bags instead of sandwich bags is important.

You also have to make sure the food is completely cold before putting them into the bags. Next, get as much air out of the bags as possible before you pop them in the freezer. This can be done by squishing the air out or using a vacuum sealer.


Finally, it’s best to eat your leftovers in order, so you should start with the food that has been in there the longest.

The TikToker also added that she typically never leaves anything in the freezer for longer than a month.

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