Kmart customers praise $5 kitchen tool: 'Game-changer'

Meet the kitchen gadget that will revolutionise your spag bol!

In the wide world of nifty kitchen gadgets promising to simplify our lives, there are those that shine bright and others that fall flat. But one humble find from Kmart has been crushing it in the kitchens of Aussie mums, proving that sometimes the simplest tools are the most effective.

The $5 Kmart mince masher.
The $5 Kmart mince masher is designed to breakdown and blend ground meat. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Mums

It all began with one savvy shopper sharing her find on the Kmart Mums Facebook group, proudly flaunting her recently purchased $5 mince masher. Having seen American mums raving about mince mashers on YouTube, she set out on a mission to find one for herself. After encountering steep prices on Amazon and eBay, her luck turned when she chanced upon one at her local Kmart.


"Winning at less than the price of a latte - $5!! Game changer to break that bad boy mince up!! For I am #minceboss," she exclaimed.

The hand-held utensil is designed to break down and blend ground meat, ensuring a uniform consistency for even cooking. It's also heat resistant, safe to use in non-stick pans, and dishwasher safe — 3 out of 3!

"I've got one too and it's a game changer!! So much better than a spatula or a wooden spoon!" chimed in another fan. And the chorus of praise didn't stop there. "It works, it did it much quicker than using a spoon," shared another satisfied shopper.

"These are fantastic! So much quicker and easier."

"Works a treat, best $5 I ever spent!"

Mince masher.
Group members suggested the item is also great for mashing bananas and avocado, or to crush up biscuits, fruit or vegetables. Photo: Kmart

"Great for breaking up semi-frozen mince that a spoon cannot do. No regret. Love it too," echoed yet another happy customer.

But this handy utensil isn't just a one-trick pony. As one group member pointed out, "I use it for a lot of other things too, great for mashing avocados." Indeed, versatility seems to be the name of the game for this little wonder from Kmart, with some mentioning they've used it to mash fruit and veggies for babies, while others joke it's also perfect for grinding out those daily frustrations!

The flip side

But, as is often the case, what the internet giveth, the internet also taketh away.

"I found these a pain," confessed one group member. "The mince gets stuck in the corners and it's hard to clean. I just use my wooden spoon now."

And then there are the sceptics, questioning whether this gadget is truly worth the hype or even necessary at all. "Save the $5, use a wooden spoon or whisk already at home - they do the job perfectly," advised one pragmatist. "Potato masher much easier," chimed in another.

But amidst the mixed reviews, one sentiment remains constant: the joy of discovering a handy kitchen tool that revolutionises meal prep for some, even if it doesn't quite hit the mark for others.

As one user graciously put it: "If you think it's changed your mince game, I'm happy for you, sincerely."

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