TikToker mocked for 'incredible' packing hack: 'Chaotic'

People were not impressed by the woman's packing hack.

A TikToker has been savaged after sharing a packing hack she absolutely swears by. Niya Esperanza claimed the hack was "incredible" and could not wait to share it with her followers.

In a clip posted to TikTok, the woman explained how she would pack her suitcase to ensure she could take all her favourite outfits with her while still leaving room for other items.

"I have the best method," she said in her video.

She explained how firstly she found a big item of clothing before placing it on the bottom of the suitcase. She then placed the other clothes she wanted to take on top.

Niya Esperanza stuffs her clothes into a suitcase in a TikTok video.
Niya Esperanza was mocked after sharing her packing hack. Source: TikTok/@Niyaesperanza

"Not folded, just lay it flat like it's going to be ironed," she said.

Niya then grabbed the bottom piece of clothing and folded it over with her other items inside.

"I don't know why this works," she said.

The TikToker then showed she had some extra room in the side of the suitcase after folding over the bottom layer, where she put more pairs of pants and underwear. 


While she admitted it was "kind of tight", she zipped the clothes into the bottom compartment of the suitcase, adding she could now use the top compartment for shoes and toiletries.

"It has saved me so many times," she captioned the video.

Her TikTok, which had over 100,000 likes, attracted more than 300 comments from people roasting the woman for the packing hack.

"I promise you this is not a hack. I’m sure if you rolled or used packing cubes you could’ve gotten in more," one claimed.

"Rolling and packing cubes those are the hacks. Sorry, this gave me anxiety," another said.

"Super secret packing hack!!! Stuff all your clothes into the suitcase," another mocked.

"This is so chaotic," a comment read.

Others said while the woman may be able to fit a lot into her suitcase using her method, it would likely not be under the luggage weight restrictions many airlines have in place.

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