TikToker accidentally interviews director Baz Luhrmann on the street about his sex life

 (TikTok / @god_worthy)
(TikTok / @god_worthy)

When someone unknowingly interviews famed director Baz Luhrmann on the street, perhaps the first hint should be when he fixes your camera angle and lighting.

A video posted by Australian TikToker Georgia Godworth has gone viral on the platform, with nearly 60,000 views since it was shared on May 30. In the clip, Godworth stops the Elvis filmmaker on the streets of Sydney, where he’s seen wearing a green leather jacket, light wash jeans, and a black baseball cap.

Godworth, who admitted in the TikTok caption she had “no idea this was Baz Luhrmann,” went along as he took control of her phone and adjusted the camera angle. “Are you going to light me well?” he inquired, before showing exactly which way to film the TikTok.

It seemed that the 61-year-old director was unaware he had stumbled upon an interview about relationships, as Godworth began by asking Luhrmann if he’s single. The Romeo and Juliet director has famously been married to his wife, Oscar-winning costume designer Catherine Martin, for nearly 30 years.

“No,” he simply replied. “I’m married.”

He then waxed poetic about monogamy, explaining that he and Martin have carved out for themselves a healthy and understanding relationship over the past three decades. “During that journey of marriage, the person I’m married to and I found our own really genuine and authentic concept of what our contract to each other should be,” Luhrmann said. “But I think more importantly, marriage is not so much about what exists between you and another person, it’s about advertising to other people that you love and care as to what the dealio is.”

The Moulin Rouge director admitted that there “has to be some degree of acceptance” if your long-term partner “fall[s] in love with someone else or they like someone” because relationships are a “contract of communication”.

When Godworth prompted Luhrmann to speak about group sex, the filmmaker turned the conversation around by instead asking the TikTok interviewer: “How many foursomes have you done?”

As the interview geared toward the worst date Luhrmann has been on, he alluded to his profession as an award-winning filmmaker by explaining that all of his relationships “grew organically” from his career.

Luhrmann then shared some final words of wisdom about relationships, as he told viewers: “Laughter’s important, enjoyment is important, but I think also…”

“Respect,” Godworth chimed in, as Luhrmann agreed: “Yeah.”

He quipped at the end of the video: “I usually don’t do interviews, so I’m glad to be a part of yours.”

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of TikTok users took to the comments section to inform Godworth that the person she had interviewed on the street was in fact Luhrmann.

“Please tell me you’re joking and you absolutely knew who this was,” one person commented, to which the TikToker wrote back: “I genuinely had no idea.”

“OMGGGGGGGGG - how didn’t you know Baz Luhrmann?! I would have fainted on the spot. Him and Catherine are the best team!” another fan said, while a third user pointed out: “Lmao you stumbled on an extremely rare interview.”