TikToker, 50, stuns with 'ageless' video: 'Looks so young'

Fans have begged the influencer to share her beauty secrets.

TikToker Shim Mina, 50, has shocked fans after appearing ‘ageless’ in a number of dance videos on the platform. The Korean singer, born in 1972, is known for her controversial age-gap relationship with her 33-year-old husband Ryu Philip.

The married couple jumped on a trend where they completed a dance routine with their dates of birth written on top of the video. Mina looked incredible, wearing a bright pink cropped jumper and high-waisted denim shorts.

TikToker Mina poses with her husband Ryu Philip
TikToker Shim Mina has stunned fans with her youthful appearance. Photo: TikTok/minakorea

Her husband wore a simple beige shirt with matching track pants, as they danced to I Don't Think That I Like Her by Charlie Puth. The couple finished their flawless routine by making a love heart together with their hands.

The TikTok quickly went viral, racking up over 680K views and over 18K likes. Fans flooded Mina's TikTok account with comments, with many wondering how the pop star maintains her youthful appearance.


“I was born in 1972 [as well], please tell me your secret,” one fan pleaded.

“There is no way you’re [50], you look younger than your husband,” another added.

“Let me know where y'all drinking the fountain of youth from,” a third chimed in.

“Wow, she looks so young,” another fan remarked.

Two screenshots of TikToker Mina's dance video with her husband Ryu Philip
The couple have a huge 17-year age gap. Photo: TikTok/minakorea

The K-Pop star first ‘debuted’ in 2002, and previously came under fire for lying about her age. To appear younger, she first claimed she was born in 1978, before coming clean and apologising to fans.

The pair have also divided opinion with their age-gap relationship, tying the knot in July 2018. Many fans adore their relationship and often praise the pair on social media.

“You guys are so cute, love your videos and the age difference gives me hope,” one fan gushed.

“If there is love and respect for each other, then years do not matter!” another pointed out.

“Bless you guys, age is just a number. Love is everything,” a third added.


However, some others haven't been as kind, labelling their age gap as ‘shocking’ and 'freaky'.

“So you’re telling me that when she was on her way to graduation in high school, he was born??? I mean, I know it’s legal, but it freaks me out,” one person commented.

“50 and [33]? It’s still a lil shocking,” another wrote.

“I see a lot of positive replies. However, if it was a [50] year old man [with] a [33] year old woman there would be so much hate. The double standard is real,” a third added.

“Wow that means when she was drinking alcohol her husband was crawling with diapers,” another pointed out.

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