Kmart shopper's clothing hack praised as 'genius'

Sometimes you have an idea in your mind of a piece of clothing you want that isn't always in the shops. Whether it's not in fashion, or the places that have it are out of your budget, it can be frustrating to know exactly what you're after and not be able to get it.

That's what happened to TikToker Talia Fletcher until she came up with an ingenious hack that meant she got the fashion pick she wanted – at a bargain price too!

Talia Fletcher's TikTok of her wearing an oversized shirt from Kmart's men's department.
Talia shows off her new outfit with the shirt she got in an unusual place. Photo: Tiktok/@taliafletcher

Talia went into the menswear department at Kmart and found the perfect shirt for her outfit at a bargain price. Instead of paying $70 - $80, which is what she was seeing an oversized black shirt selling for at women's fashion retailers, she picked up this shirt for just $14.

"Running to Kmart thank you," one follower commented on her video, with another adding, "They have the best shirts and hoods."

"This is a fit," someone else wrote, followed by a fourth who said, "I love your style!"

"Why did I not see this before ordering a black shirt dress from BooHoo?" a different user shared. "Bloody boo hoo to me alright!"

Talia has been loving the oversized look recently and has shared a number of her finds with her followers who are also keen on the style.

"You're my fave," a fan wrote on one of Talia's posts as many others asked where they can purchase items of her outfit.

TikToker Talia Fletcher wearing four different oversized outfits.
Talia has been loving the oversize look at the moment. Photo: Tiktok/@taliafletcher1

Talia's idea of raiding the men's section of a store isn't a new one, although it is becoming more popular and it's understandable to see why.

It has long been established that women's clothes cost more than men's clothing even though they may be similar products or even use less fabric. So it's smart to check out the men's section of your favourite store, particularly for t-shirts, shirts and boyfriend style jeans, if you want to grab a bargain for an almost identical article of clothing.

There are also more fashion labels producing unisex ranges nowadays, including Bonds, The Iconic and PE Nation. But the 'pink tax', as it's often referred to (think pink razors costing more than men's black razors), is still alive and well for shops trying to profit from women's love of fashion.

But also, men's clothing can simply give you the fashion edge.

"It's more than just the sizing and pricing—sometimes what’s designed for men simply looks more modern and not as precious," Leah Bourne says in Glamour magazine.

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