'Genius' TikTok sushi hack a 'game-changer' for thousands

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A TikTok user’s hack for eating sushi has been hailed as ‘genius’ and a ‘game-changer’ by some of the 46 thousand or so people who have commented on the video.

April-Joy Goodlet from Brisbane shared the nifty trick back in April, showing fans of the Japanese dish the correct way to use the little fish-shaped bottle of soy sauce.

A TikTok user's sushi hack has left thousands stunned. Photo: TikTok/apriljoygoodlet.

“Asian tings #lifehack” she captioned the clip which has since blown the minds of 2.6 million viewers.

Instead of drizzling the sauce on the top of the sushi roll — and hoping it makes its way to the bottom — April-Joy flips the roll on its side and pokes the tip of the fish bottle through the seaweed wrap, squeezing a few drops of soy into the roll.

She repeats this technique three or four times along the roll thereby distributing an even amount of the salty sauce throughout the roll.

Never again will diners get to the end of their teriyaki chicken rolls only to realise that the dousing they gave the top had failed to trickle down to the last few bites.

Fans of April-Joy’s sushi hack are more than a little impressed, with one writing in the comments: “This is genius”.

“And life will never be the same again,” remarked another.

“OMG absolute game-changer deffo doing this next time,” said one.

Others outright refused to adopt the technique into their sushi eating habits.

April-Joy is educating people on the correct way to use takeaway soy sauce 'fish'. Photo: TikTok/apriljoygoodlet.

“I'm not poking my sushi,” one commenter stated flatly.

“I do that anyways,” claimed another who was clearly already just as enlightened as April-Joy.

One fan of the video even shared their own sushi advice, explaining that the tail of the fish-shaped soy sauce bottle makes for a convenient tool to spread wasabi.

“And use the tail to spread out the wasabi,” they wrote.

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