TikTok slams man after 'unacceptable' comment to wife: 'Divorce him'

TikTok users have slammed a man after he told his wife that she does "nothing around the house".

Lindsay Donnelly, who posts under the username @lindsaydonnelly2, took to TikTok to share that she had done no cleaning for two days after her husband made the comment, revealing how dirty her house quickly became after actually doing no cleaning.

TikTok user with her husband
TikTok users have slammed a man after he made an 'unacceptable' comment to his wife, who shared the story on the app. Photo: TikTok/@lindsaydonnelly2

"Then I left town for a girls' trip…" she captioned the video.

Unsurprisingly, her husband was quick to apologise to her after realising everything she does on a daily basis, but the video quickly racked up millions of views, with TikTok users slamming his behaviour.


"This same thing happened to me. Filed for divorce yesterday," one user wrote.

"I can’t imagine my husband saying something like that to me. And I’m pretty lazy lol," another said. "Divorce him."

TikTok user's mess
Lindsay shared photos and video of her now-messy house. Photo: TikTok/lindsaydonnelly2

"Being in this type of marriage is my worst nightmare," a third said.

"As you should, you deserve respect & appreciation," someone else added.

Others said that it was "unacceptable", while many others wished they could do the same.

Lindsay followed up with another video, showing her husband apologising, as well as others where she said that her husband is actually a great man and that this was simply a joke that went surprisingly viral.

She described him as "almost perfect", adding that he "cooks all my vegetarian meals the way I like them, cleans daily more than I do, pays all the bills, takes me on fancy vacations and lets me be me..."

However, TikTok users were quick to comment, saying she should have kept her relationship issues private.

Many others said she was "backtracking" and claimed her husband was "lucky" she didn't leave him.

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