TikToker shares 'life-changing' air fryer recipe: 'Obsessed'

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Who doesn't love freshly made wedges?

Well, a TikTok foodie has revamped the classic snack using her air fryer and people have gone wild for it.

Since sharing her viral potato wedge recipe, Sheyna Patel has received over 110,000 views and counting.

Two photos of the viral potato wedges
Tik Tok's viral potato wedges recipe has received over 110,000 views. Source: Tik Tok/shey.cooks

"I'm completely obsessed with my air fryer," Sheyna revealed in her video.

She goes on to show her 110,000 followers how to slice russet potatoes in half and then cut the halves into three or four wedges depending on the size of the potato.

Sheyna then tips the cut potatoes into a bowl of icy water to soak, then takes them out and pats dry with a tea towel.

"Then I add some avocado oil, and season," she says, after transferring the potatoes into a large bowl.

Spice and everything nice

Sheyna adds onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, pink Himayalan salt, freshly ground pepper and corn starch.

She then tosses to combine and ensures each potato is coated before laying evenly on a foil-lined Air Fryer basket and cooking at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

"The trick here is to not overcrowd it," she reveals.

"You then cook it and flip halfway through and after that, you top it with some parsley," she adds.


People are just going crazy for the wedges too, with more than 2,000 people commenting on the video.

"These look DAMN GOOD," one person wrote.

"People don't understand how good fries are in the air fryer," another happy cook wrote. "It's life-changing"

"Yep that's it I'm gonna buy an air fryer," another added.

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Ninja's Air Fryer in dark grey against a white background with the circular heating disc on the left infront of it
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Russell Hobbs air fryer
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Philips' white and rose gold air fryer
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