Brutal response after woman busted boyfriend 'cheating'

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A woman has shared the brutal messages she received from her boyfriend of seven years after she confronted him about 'cheating' and his secret profiles on a host of different dating apps.

Taking to TikTok, the woman revealed her “heartbreak” after a friend discovered her partner's profile on the dating app Hinge, before further digging revealed he was signed into multiple dating apps via his Facebook account.

tiktok cheating text messages
His text messages when she confronted him were brutal. Photo: TikTok

"When I confronted him, his response was disgusting and heartbreaking," she said in the clip, before sharing screenshots of the messages she received.

In his brutally honest confession he admitted he can’t “resist getting myself into trouble”.

“I don’t know what to say, it’s a guy thing, it’s that temptation of something I can’t have that I just can’t f***ing resist,” he wrote.


Though he was adamant he didn't cross the line.

“I did not cheat, I didn’t even meet up with anyone,” he said, adding he just liked to "talk to a lot of girls" because it was "fresh and something new".

"It was the happy medium of what I could get away with while still having you too.

"Yes I wanted other girls," he concluded. "It's just something that never left me."

The woman went on to explain she had since moved to her mum’s house with their two dogs and had blocked her ex-boyfriend, adding: “I am never going back.”

She received plenty of support from others online with many labelling his responses "pathetic".

“'It's a guy thing'. What a pathetic excuse for a man. One day soon I promise you’ll be so relieved you got out, even if it feels like a waste of seven years,” was one comment.

“There’s only one person’s happiness he cares about and it’s his,” another wrote.

"He emotionally cheated and would have physically cheated but sounded like it was too much work or too lazy to do so," another pointed out.

In a subsequent video, the woman also responded to another question posted in the comments: "Were there no signs at all?"

She said there had been "nothing recently" despite a rocky start to their relationship. "That night when I got those text messages it was like talking to a stranger. I didn't know that person."

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