TikTok video shows 'genius' avocado hack to stop it going brown

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There’s nothing worse than slicing up half an avocado to slather on your toast in the morning only to go to the fridge later and realise the other half has gone completely brown.

But one woman has claimed to have found a game-changing hack which will put an end to our avocado woes and all it takes is some water and a plastic container.

woman holding up half an avocado
A TikTok user's avocado hack has gone viral online. Photo: TikTok/@kmag1
Woman's hack to stop avocado from going brown
She simply puts it in a container, flesh side down. Photo: TikTok/@kmag1

TikTok user @kmag1 uploaded two videos to her account which shows the before and after of her hack and we’ve got to say, we’re pretty impressed with the results.

In the first video, she simply drops the halved avocado, flesh side down, into the water.

People called it “genius”, with another writing: “This is the only information I have ever needed”.

Others joked that they never have leftover avocado because they eat the whole thing in one sitting usually.

The second video shows the results of her hack from the next day, which are enough to make us want to give it a go.

She hold the halved avocado up to the camera and it looks perfect, with not a piece of brown skin in sight.

“It is a little waterlogged,” she says in the video, but she then reveals that she simply wipes it with a bit of kitchen paper and it’s like new again.


It didn’t end there, though. If you’re a lover of avocado-based content, this woman – who hailed her trick as her “greatest contribution to TikTok” – has now dedicated her feed almost entirely to avocado-based tips and tricks.

One savvy viewer wrote “oil works better than water”, which the woman shared on her page.

She went on to try out different hacks - which included wrapping the avocado and using lemon to preserve it - in order to give her viewers the very best advice.

This is true commitment to the cause and we’re here for it.

“With all my research, I’ve found that oil does work a little better than water,” she finally announced after a week of testing her findings.

She also concluded that wrapping the avocado with onion works, too, but you’ve got to be on board with your avocado tasting like onion.

Mind. Blown.

With extra reporting by Caroline Allen

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