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If the coronavirus lockdown as seen anything increase exponentially it’s the amount of online shopping packaging piling up in households across the nation, even the world.

Something many are eager to recycle, what is easy to forget is the amount of personal information written on your average parcel.

close up young asian woman receiving package box from postman in front of house after check order from internet , delivery transport and online shop concept
close up young asian woman receiving package box from postman in front of house after check order from internet , delivery transport and online shop concept

With your full name and address, not to mention a barcode of your shopping purchase, many would rather not send the information out into the world to be seen by unknown eyeballs.

It’s no walk in the park peeling those labels off the parcel ever, and anyone who has sacrificed a nail to the scratchy attempt to unstick your personal information knows that any alternative is better.

Now, one TikTok user has struck upon a brilliant solution to the problem, and it takes all of five seconds to accomplish.

Nail polish remover (left) used to erase personal information off online shopping recycling
Using just nail polish remover, your private details can be kept safe that way. Photo: TikTok/

Shared to the social media platform by hacks page Good To Know, the trick involves taking some run of the mill nail polish remover and a cotton ball and simply swiping over the ink as you would an old coat of nail polish.

The video shows the packaging wiped instantly clean by the remover-soaked cotton ball, with a few easy swipes leaving the packaging clear and white.

Address-removal hack goes viral

Users were blown away by the deceptively simple trick, with over 802,000 people liking the post, and thousands leaving comments.

Some did point out that the ink did sometimes reappear and it would take several swipes to fully remove the printed info.

TuikTok video shows nail polish remover erase ink from online shopping information sticker
The video shows the ink being removed with a simple swipe of the nail polish remover-soaked cotton ball. Photo: TikTok/

“Once the alcohol has evaporated the details come back, it even starts to come back in this video,” one person pointed out.

“You have to do it a couple [of] times,” another person clarified.

“[What] a fab thing to know!” one person wrote, clearly chomping at the bit to give the trick a go herself.

“That was satisfying,” another shared.

“Thanks for sharing this, next time I won’t need to tear/cut out the sticker with my info on,” another wrote.

Alternative tricks to strip your details

Others decided to share alternative hack for removing the info, some of which were even more mind-blowing than the original.

One suggested turning a hairdryer on the packaging, the heat reacting with the carbon paper to turn it black, thus obscuring the printed info.

Another suggested pure acetone to fully remove any trace of ink, as it’s stronger than the suggested nail polish remover.

Plenty of people suggested the humble baby wipe as a fail-safe option, and others said they kept it old-fashioned with a permanent marker and a quick scribble job.

Watch the full video below:

It’s not the first hack to leave people gobsmacked online of late.

One mum had others delighted when she let them in on a clever trick in which she uses a sliced pool noodle as a trolley-handle cover to keep her trips to the grocery store coronavirus-safe.

Another let their domestic goddess shine with a trick that turned the iconic, but basic $6 Coles mud cake into an epic concoction that rivals a professional bakery job.

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