TikTok's 'ultimate mum hack' with unexpected Amazon find

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A caucasian woman's finger reaches to touch one of our white doorbell buttons on the inside of a white pantry.
People are loving the doorbell hack from Amazon. Photo: Tik Tok/arinsolange

Any parent will tell you the most boring task is nagging them to come down for dinner or to hurry up and get out of the bedroom and into the car.

(There are probably more, but this is at least top five.)

So, when someone offers you a hassle-free solution, it's almost as good as a kid-free holiday.

One can dream.

Posting her $15 "ultimate mum hack" on TikTok, one woman has changed how she gets her kids to come down to the kitchen.


Mum rings TikTok's bell

With nearly 600,000 likes, Arin Jura has set a new trend with her Amazon stick-on doorbells attached to each child's bedroom.

"I've got four kids and I hate yelling in our house," she reveals in her video.

"I bought these little doorbells and they are a game-changer.

"Each of my four kids has their own doorbell button in our kitchen and a chime plugged in in their bedroom.

"When they're upstairs and we need them to come down, we click the button and the doorbell rings in their room.

"They also know to come down in the morning when their doorbell goes off."

Arin shows the four white doorbell buttons stuck inside her pantry door, labelled with each child's name.

She presses them to flash a colour and ring the connected bell in the child's bedroom.

Fans love it

People have gone wild for this hack, loving the idea of swapping the dreaded shout to pressing a simple doorbell.

In fact, almost 5000 people have shared their amazement.

"Yelling through the house is my #1 top mom peeve," agreed one parent.

"Genius. Just bought a pack for my kids," another impressed user wrote.

"Game changer. No more beating on the wall lol," another said.

A grey rectangular doorbell receiver sits underneath a children's bookshelf on a white wall.
Parents have suggested the hack develops multi-sensory abilities. Photo: Tik Tok/arinsolange

Some parents praised the flashing bell idea for its multi-sensory function.

"This is what I have done for my Hard of Hearing son! Life changer!" a parent wrote.

"That may be a great thing for my autistic son," a second commented.

You can recreate the hack in your own home by purchasing the doorbell from Amazon for under $25.

It currently is rated as Amazon's Choice in bell products and has nearly 300 rave reviews for its chic look and high functioning practicality.

A white and grey rectangular doorbell with its white remote control on the right against a white background.
The Amazon bell hack has generated nearly 5000 comments. Photo: Amazon

While people have love this idea, others have suggested their own budget-friendly alternatives.

"We bought a bell at a thrift store for five dollars," a parent wrote.

"Best five dollars I’ve ever spent. They all come running when I ring the bell."

Find out how you can create a hack of your own with other easy ideas.

Kogan Wireless Digital Doorbell Set

With nearly 1000 reviews, this wireless doorbell set from Kogan is super easy to install with adhesive packs included in the set.

Expand your call area with two wireless receivers placed at various points of the house.

Your child can choose their own tone from 36 musical chimes.

Buy it now for $17.99.

Sansai Wireless Digital Doorbell

From $14.25, you can own this battery-powered doorbell, with up to 38 melodies to choose from.

It has a distinct red backlighted LED display that flashes when the chime is activated, and has an operating range of up to 100m in open-air, so you won't be constrained with distance in your house.

A silver dome counter bell against a white background.
Parents have raved about the humble counter bell performing just as well as the power-operated doorbells. Photo: Amazon

Polished Brass Hand Held Service Bell

Would you like a more delicate sound in your house?

Have a bit of fun with it and shake this gold coloured brass bell for $12.99 on Amazon.

Crafted by traditional casting methods, this handheld bell is not only practical but adds a bit of flair.

Counter bell

If you're going for practicality on a budget, you won't need anything more than a standard counter bell.

Available for $14.05 at Amazon, parents have praised the humble counter bell as working just as well as any power-operated bell - and kids even have fun with it.

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