Married couple want their girlfriend to breastfeed their baby after forming a 'throuple' together

A married couple, who are about to welcome their first child together and are in a three way relationship, have insisted their baby will have three times as much love as a ‘normal child’ - even hoping to let their girlfriend breastfeed.

Lo and Mike Taylor became a throuple after a one-night threesome with their now girlfriend, Jess Woodstock, turned into a deep emotional connection in June 2018.

Throuple expecting a baby together
Lo and Mike Taylor became a throuple after a one-night threesome with their now girlfriend, Jess. Photo: Caters

But now three is soon to become four after Lo and Mike naturally conceived a baby in March, with the triad hoping to let Jess share the task of nursing the child.

The trio from Denver, Colorado, admit they regularly face people who don’t understand their lifestyle, with questions over their sex life and doubts about jealousy over the various intertwined relationships - but the loved-up clan have dismissed the negativity claiming their baby will have even more opportunities and everything it could ‘ever want’.

“The first question that everyone asked us was ‘who is carrying the baby?’, Lo, 30, said:

“Most people have been very sweet and thoughtful but even just a few months ago before we announced the pregnancy, we were seeing comments from people saying things like ‘wait until one of them gets pregnant, we will see what happens then’.

“But we’ve been trying to have a baby together for over a year and when we found out we were pregnant it was one of the best things that ever happened to the three of us.

She went on to say that Jess will be involved ‘as much as she can, all the way down to nursing the baby’.

“I know some women might be funny about letting another person nurse their child but we want to get as much of each of us in the baby as we can, because it’s a 33% share from each of us,” Lo said.

Throuple in the sea together
Lo is now pregnant and they want Jess to be involved as much as possible. Photo: Caters

“I wanted Jess to be in this baby as much as possible because it will look like me and Mike, so we want as much of her DNA as we can get too.

Jess intends to be involved as much as possible, acting as her home birth doula and will even nurse the baby by syncing up her cycle and hormones with Lo to stimulate milk production in her body.

While Lo will be carrying the child, Jess said: “At this point I don’t see myself bearing a child but to still be able to have that skin to skin contact with this baby and being able to nurture it in that way is so important to me.

“Formula is the last resort and last thing that we want to give our baby so being able to take some of that burden off Lo so she is able to rest and recuperate is special too.

“Not a lot of women can say I’m going to take this shift off and let my girlfriend breastfeed tonight.”

College sweethearts, Mike and Lo shacked up as they graduated and got married four years ago.

But the adventurous pair, who had always discussed the excitement of having a threesome were left shocked when they realised they wanted much more than just a one-night thing with Jess, 31, who they met at a concert in June 2018.

“Before we met Jess our relationship was a lot more vanilla,” Lo said.

“We kept to ourselves but we always discussed how it would be fun to have a threesome with someone else.

“I was the one who approached one of Jess’ friends and asked her about Jess.

“She started laughing and explained that Jess was polyamorous.

“We didn’t even know what that meant, I remember Mike and I had to google it.

“We always thought it would just be a one time fun threesome with no emotions attached.

“Usually you think of a threesome is a scary thing because it could get sticky, but this was quite the opposite.”

Lo went on to say that they both loved being around Jess and saw it just like any ‘organic normal relationship’.

“Our sex life has definitely been enhanced having another person in the bedroom. It brings a whole new dynamic, there are more sensations, more to look at and more to touch,” she said.

“We saw it as an enhancement to our marriage, it wasn’t one sided, it wasn’t just one of us making the decision.”

Throuple one man and two woman posing for a photo
The throuple met in 2018 and have been inseparable ever since. Photo: Caters

Despite some initial concerns from Lo’s family, who were as surprised as she was to learn that she was bisexual, the thruple was soon widely accepted by all three families and their friends.

But the three admitted that many people struggle to understand their triangular bond, with many questioning how Mike can handle two women, or questioning if Jess feels left out as she is not also married to her partners.

“People use the word girlfriend as a bit of a throwaway term of endearment so sometimes we have to spell it out for them and the look on their faces is priceless,” 31-year-old Mike said.

“They might have never heard of a thruple before or they don’t understand how it could work because they couldn’t do something like this.

“They usually go straight to the physical aspects when they start to ask questions but it’s such a deeper love than just that.

“We always say it’s 3+0 not 2+1 because we all want the same thing.”

Jess said she doesn’t worry about not having a ring on her finger because she knows “that the two of them are planning an engagement, whether it happens now or in a few years it doesn’t matter, I know that I’m an equal part of this relationship.”

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