MAFS fight: This is how much reality stars are paid for their boxing matches

Exclusive: Following Harrison Boon's fight with Daniel Holmes, this is how much they took home.

In recent years it's become somewhat of a tradition to see the men of Married at First Sight face off in a boxing match.

While not one MAFS fan has ever asked for this to happen, it has left many people puzzled as to why they do this: is it for charity or do they actually rake in some good money to settle their so-called differences and feuds?

If this was the Barbie movie, they'd simply settle things in a dance-off, but instead, we get this.

MAFS Harrison Boon and Daniel Holmes pose ahead of their boxing match
MAFS Harrison Boon and Daniel Holmes get ready to beach each other off. Photo:

2023 MAFS villain Harrison Boon was the latest groom to get involved, signing up for a boxing match against Daniel Holmes. You might remember Daniel as someone who was also on MAFS at some point. (OK, OK, Daniel is best remembered for his 'affair' with Carolina Santos in Season 9 of MAFS.)

Harrison lost to Daniel, but it appears the two probably made enough to pay the rent for the next few weeks. And in this economy? Good for them.


How much are MAFS stars actually paid for their boxing matches?

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that each year the 'celebrity' fighters are paid on average between $2000-$3000 to sign up and fight on the night — and they also receive 15% of any tickets they sell.

In the lead-up to the fight, the contestants are often seen sharing their own custom links to sell tickets to either attend the fight or buy an online ticket to be able to stream it, therefore making some extra money from the whole experience.

As for charity donations? That's up to the fighters if they choose to donate any of their fee or ticket sales.

Last year Brent Vitiello faced off against Daniel Holmes and publicly announced he was donating a portion of his fee to a mental health charity.

2022 MAFS stars Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello get ready to fight in boxing match
2022 MAFS stars Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello settled their differences in a boxing match last year. Photo:


After Saturday's fight, Harrison took to Instagram to congratulate Daniel on his win as well as state that he was donating to charity, Youth Off The Streets.

"Daniel fought well, we both went the distance, didn’t back down and gave the people a good fight. In the end it came down to a few points it was a close fight. Much respect for how he handled himself in the ring," Harrison captioned his post.

"If you’re reading this far please consider a small donation to @youthoffthestreets who provide crisis housing to children in need. I’m donating sponsorship and purse towards this amazing charity so please let’s make a positive change together."

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