Carolina Santos reacts to MAFS 2023 best moments

Married At First Sight season nine star Carolina Santos sat down with Yahoo Lifestyle to unpack the 2023 season.

Video transcript

CAROLINA SANTOS: Oh my God, he is hot. Hi, I'm Carolina Santos from season nine of "Married at First Sight." what?

- Holy [BLEEP]. What on earth?

CAROLINA SANTOS: No way! Today, I'm recapping the biggest moments from week seven of March 2023 with Yahoo Lifestyle.

- If you hadn't attended last night's dinner party, would you have written that? No. There's a lesson here. I'm talking to all of you but particularly Harrison. When you throw grenades like that, they have a ripple effect that can do untold--

CAROLINA SANTOS: [INAUDIBLE], we get told off for throwing grenades like Harrison did. But the producers kind of make us do that. Like, you go into the dinner party being like, OK, who are you going to confront tonight?

Like, who are you going to talk to? Are you going to, like, expose that person? You have to bring the drama in and stuff.

So-- and then [INAUDIBLE] the commitment ceremony. And the experts pretend that they're angels. Like, oh, you're not supposed to do that.

It was like, OK, which one is it? Am I supposed to throw grenades, or am I supposed to not throw grenades? That's what the whole point of the dinner party is to, you know, have drama, bring-- like, confront people and stuff.

And they hype you up to do that just before you walk in. And if you're not doing your job, they will pull you aside for the voxes and be like, OK, [INAUDIBLE], you got to go and talk to that person about this. Why haven't you?

And then you get told off by the experts pretending to be, like, angels, and like, [INAUDIBLE] OK to do that. Claire cheated with Adam. So, how is that Harrison's fault? Like, yeah, I guess he was just doing what the producers told him to do.

- Oh my God.

- What? What? Prepare to be challenged because for the next three days, [INAUDIBLE] will pack his bags and move in--

CAROLINA SANTOS: Oh, this was very interesting.

- --Harrison will move into [INAUDIBLE]. I'm not doing it. No, absolutely--

- You can hear that. She says, I'm not doing it. Absolutely not. And then afterwards, she's so happy.

- No! What?

- No way. Anyone but Melinda.

- Literally, it's wife and husband swap. Oh my God.

CAROLINA SANTOS: They are having an actually different [INAUDIBLE].

- --with Harrison? That's, like, disgusting.

CAROLINA SANTOS: Yeah, so I think this new challenge, swapping partners and stuff, is completely BS. It's such a joke. It's obvious that the intent there was to cause dramas and maybe even a proper cheating scandal.

If someone needed to give their outside perspective into your relationship, they don't need to move in with you and share a bed with you. It's obvious that their intent was very different than getting a fresh new perspective into your relationship. 100%.

Lighton handed it really well. Like, that's what any woman would expect that partner would do in this situation. I think he handled amazing.

As for Melinda, I think she probably agreed with the task for airtime. That's what everyone is there for, if I'm honest. But I've heard that Harrison and Melinda had a great time on those three days.

They stayed up until late drinking wine, having a laugh, talking about their feelings, and, you know, getting to know each other really well, which wasn't really the intent of the challenge. But yeah, go figure. Oh.

- I'm really excited to do something special for [INAUDIBLE]. No secret, but I've been missing Melissa. And hopefully, she's been missing me. But if she has, I've got the perfect recipe for her.



CAROLINA SANTOS: I love this. It's, like, sexy but with so much humor. I like a funny guy that would try to make you love.

- Tiger.


CAROLINA SANTOS: Oh my God, he is hot.

- Yeah, that's a money shot. It seems like appropriate time to give you the gift that I got you while you're away.

- Sure.

- I thought, while I was missing you, how can I put all of, hopefully, your favorite things into a picture? What do you think?

- Cute.

CAROLINA SANTOS: Imagine a guy does that for you. I would be framing it. I'd be like, oh my God. It was a bit lame, but in saying that, it was cute.

Like, I love the guy that's, like, can be sexy but also, like, you know, like, funny. Oh man, what else does that woman want? [INAUDIBLE]. what else do you want? Why are you so-- like, should be happy and appreciative. But I feel like we haven't seen enough of the relationship.

So it's hard to kind of judge because, yeah, I think, like, "MAFS" has this we need a Prince Charming this season or something. And so we don't know if there's more to it, if there's not-- because a lot of the times, you see that they had a fight. And then the next day, they're normal, and they don't even show what happens in between and stuff.

- I just don't see how you and I can overcome the hurt has been inflicted on both of us from each other and the group. I felt completely broken.

- I want to hear what you want to do moving forward. I want to hear it.

- Obviously, I want to go on. I think that's obvious. I have nothing left. Nothing left.

CAROLINA SANTOS: Oh, this is a very intense scene, isn't it? I think those two are very toxic together, but they are cute together, you know? Maybe they could get some real counseling because obviously, they're experts and all.

Yeah, I do think they were just on it to get to the end. And then-- but I do think they actually do like each other. But because the environment is not good for the relationship, so should we leave and see if it works on the outside?

If we were on the outside, would this relationship still be a thing? But [INAUDIBLE] is like, no, do you know what? We're like, the longer we can stay, the better [INAUDIBLE].

- Like, you want to go back to your career without any kind of-- like--

- You want to compromise. You want [INAUDIBLE].

- And I'm wondering whether or not I'm going to be able to be OK with that. So, when you came in, like, we all got asked the question. Would you move for love? What was your answer at that time before coming in?

- I just said that I would move for love.

- Hm.

- Yeah.

CAROLINA SANTOS: Sort of lie there. I understand how Linda would feel that way. I'm just intrigued to know if he said that he would move for love just so he would get into the show. Maybe he will like in a few more years to be, like, happy to leave his-- that kind of career and focus on love and family and stuff.

But at 27, it's kind of normal for him to choose his career first. I don't know. I don't think they will last night, no, Linda Cam, no. They don't seem to have a chemistry at all. Yeah.