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This 'genius' Christmas hack will change how you decorate your tree

It's November, which means for some, Christmas decorating season has officially begun. While it's not hard to spend a small fortune on festive ornaments, one woman has shared her "genius" hack that could change the way you decorate your tree.

The woman, known as Londa Locs on TikTok, shocked not only her husband but thousands of viewers by revealing her secret to decorating a luxe-looking tree on a budget.

Christmas tree with balloon baubles
A TikToker's "genius" hack shocked her husband, who thought she'd spent hundreds of dollars on Christmas ornaments. Photo: TikTok/@londalocs

In her video, she shows off her newly decorated Christmas tree with what appears to be pricey metallic glass baubles.


Quizzing her husband, the woman asks how much he thinks she paid for them. "Showing my husband the tree and he said it was really nice, very beautiful," she says in the video. "And I was like, how much do you think I paid for the big blue ornaments?"

Her husband responds, saying he thinks she paid $12.99 a piece for them. But to his surprise, she reveals the beautiful-looking ornaments aren't exactly what they seem.

How she did it

"I'm going to grab the ornament," she says laughing, before pulling out a small blown-up balloon nestled within her tree. "Now ya'll go and get your balloons. But make sure you get the chrome balloons," she added. "They look more real."

Her hack took TikTok users by surprise. "This is brilliant and it looks amazing! What a fantastic idea!" one person wrote, while another added, "This is absolutely GENIUS!!!!"

Christmas balloon bauble
Who knew balloons could be used as Christmas baubles so convincingly? Photo: TikTok/@londalocs

It wasn't long before others said they were already looking at "stealing the idea" for themselves.

"Thank you for this! Paying $8-15 for ONE ornament is crazy," one person commented.

"Ohhh I'm saving money this year!! Thank you!" wrote another.

Where to buy balloon 'ornaments'

Apart from looking great, TikTok users pointed out some other advantages of the "life-changing" balloon bauble hack.

"As a mom of a 15-month-old, thank you for the suggestion!" one impressed mum commented, while another viewer added, "Bonus is you don't have to store them all year."

The woman shared that she purchased the chrome balloons from Amazon, with a 50-pack costing $18.99.

Christmas balloon baubles
Chrome balloons are available on Amazon. Photo: TikTok/@londalocs and Amazon

Her hack also opened up a whole lot of questions from people who, naturally, wanted to know whether they will actually last until Christmas.

"How do they stay inflated the entire time the tree is up tho? Question for those who have their tree up all month," one person asked. Another queried, "Do they shrink or pop because of the warmth from the lights at all?"

In response to the questions, someone else suggested coating the balloons with a special spray to keep them inflated until the big day.

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