This 90-Year-Old Grandma Contours Better Than You

At what age do women stop wearing makeup and start going au naturel? According to Instagram sensation Grandma Livia, never. At 80 years old, this grandma is shaking up the social media world with her glamorous look — complete with false lashes, bold lip colors, and lengthy gel manicures.

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It all started when her makeup artist granddaughter Tea Flego started giving Livia makeovers and posting the before-and-after images to her Instagram account. Soon after, the grandma went viral. (She even has a new name: Glam-ma!)

Her granddaughter has been using the nursing home resident as her makeup muse for some time now, giving Livia tons of different looks over the past few months. With her fantastic contouring and a sexy smoky eye rivaling the likes of Jennifer Lopez (yes, we went there), it’s hard to tear away from the stream of makeup transformations.

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So, it’s no surprise that Flego’s Instagram account now boasts a whopping 26,000 followers, showing just how popular this glam-ma really is. Grandma Livia is clearly a fan of her makeup looks as well, even stating that “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones” in one of the most recent posts. Whether or not you agree with her sentiment, I think it’s fair to say that this grandma takes the cake for being young at heart. There’s nothing wrong with always trying to look your best at any age!