These TikTok approved kitchen gadgets will make cooking a breeze

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There are two types of people in this world: People who love being in the kitchen and people who can't get out of it fast enough.

No matter which team you're on, everyone loves a kitchen gadget to make time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable.

And if anything's going to be tried and tested, it's going to be on TikTok, where unique finds are put to the test before quickly going viral.

Image of hand holding a knife while other hand holds steel comb gadget stuck into an onion to guide the knife. At right, a white and red plastic gadget guides batter into cup cake holders.
TikTok users are going wild for these amazing Amazon kitchen hacks. Photo: Amazon


And that's exactly what's happening with a selection of kitchen gadgets from Amazon, making their way around the internet as the new must-haves for kitchens everywhere.

So what are they?

Pasta pot strainer

To be honest, it's amazing that this nifty gadget wasn't invented when pasta was.

Why has it taken so long?

Anyway, we're just glad it's finally here, and so are more than 11,000 people on Amazon.

This clever silicone strainer attaches to your pot and keeps your pasta from falling out while releasing the boiling water.

No more awkward transfers or yelps in pain as boiling water splashes your hands.

It's also $14.39, so it's clear to see why this Amazon kitchen hack is so popular.

"This the best pasta strainer is I’ve ever had!" a shopper wrote.

"Can’t recommend it enough."

Onion Holder Slicer Food Choppers Slice Assistant

A happy buyer admitted that after purchasing this onion holder, "cooking became a breeze," and we are here for that.

TikTok users are loving this kitchen hack that removes the risk of cutting your fingers while slicing the onion.

It can not only cut onions, but any vegetable or fruit that would require your fingers to keep it steady.

Think lemons, tomatoes, pieces of meat and more!

"Just perfect. Excellent product," an Amazon user wrote.

"Highly recommend purchasing this product."

Own yours now for just $7.99.

Your fingers will thank you.

A close up of hands holding a vertical hand held grid over an onion while the other hand slices the onion with a knife.
Make cutting easy with this nifty cutting hack for vegetables, fruits and meats. Photo: Amazon

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Rolling Dish Drainer

Not the most exciting buy, but oh what a difference this will make to many.

One of the most popular Amazon hacks going around on TikTok, the roll-up sink dish drainer features silicone edges to keep the drainer firmly in place over the sink at both ends.

You can find lots of versions on Amazon, but our favourite includes an extra little basket to drain utensils, baby dummies and even stores a space to wash small fruits like grapes and berries.

Own yours now for $32.95.

Cake Dispensing Spoon

This is one for the bakers in the house.

Leave your fingers out of the equation and enjoy precise, mess-free batter spooning with the cake dispensing spoon on Amazon.

Essentially, it's a large spoon with a silicone plunger that can measure batter and then with a push of the tool, release the batter from the spoon into a mould.

Perfect for cupcakes, muffins, quiches, biscuits and more - baking has never been easier!

Own yours for $24.99.

A photo of a woman's hand scooping cream batter from a white spoon into cake tin moulds.

Glass Kitchen Olive Oil Bottle With Silicone Brush

You know how the bristles of a cooking brush get really manky?

Or when you've just used your stand-alone silicone brush for something else when you need to use it for another dish?

Well, this nifty glass olive oil bottle, with a built-in silicone brush, is here to solve those problems.

Simply pour your olive oil into the glass bottle and then take the lid off to brush the lid of your pan, or meats and vegetables.

"Need it nowwwww," one excited TikTok user wrote.

Nab one from Amazon for $24.60.

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