There's New Reports On The Current State Of Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Marriage

There's New Reports On The Current State Of Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Marriage

Will they or won't they — stay together, that is? That's the question currently surrounding Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage.

Ben Affleck in casual attire and Jennifer Lopez in a high-neck sweater and sunglasses, walking down the steps of a building
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Let's do a quick recap: Ben and Jennifer got married back in July of 2022 — 18 years after they called off their initial engagement, which began in 2002.

Samuel Affleck, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lopez sitting together at a sports event. Ben wears a plaid shirt and hat, Jennifer wears a jacket and jeans, and Samuel wears a hoodie
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Up until a few weeks ago, things have seemed...mostly fine. They've starred in Dunkin' commercials together, but there's also been plenty of theorizing about why Ben appears to look so miserable on camera when he's in public with J.Lo.

Ben Affleck in a suit and Jennifer Lopez in an off-shoulder dress share a kiss at a red carpet event
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But after Jennifer released her documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told earlier this year, things started to seem a when it came to their relationship behind-the-scenes. For one, there was tension between Ben and Jen regarding how public their relationship should actually be. “Getting back together, I said, ‘Listen, one of the things I don’t want is a relationship on social media,’” Ben says in the film.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez pose together at an event; she wears a floral gold detailed dress, and he is in a dark suit

The documentary also featured a scene in which J.Lo's longtime friend, Monster-in-Law costar Jane Fonda, tells her that she has "concern" over her relationship with Ben.

Jennifer Lopez in a gown and Jane Fonda in a floral dress, holding an award, pose together, smiling at an event

"It feels too much like you're trying to prove something instead of just living it," Jane told J.Lo. "You know, every other photograph is the two of you kissing, the two of you hugging..." "That's us living our life," J.Lo replied.

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Let's fast-forward to just a few weeks ago, when reports emerged that Ben and Jen's relationship was on the rocks again. The news came after J.Lo attended the Met Gala solo, and further reports suggested that Ben believed Jennifer "has a hard time feeling satisfied."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez stand together, Affleck in a dark suit and Lopez in an elegant gown with large floral accents on the sleeves, holding a small clutch

Ben and J.Lo are two of the most famous people in the world, so of course the speculation around their relationship has reached a fever pitch. During a press call for her new Netflix film Atlas, she and costar Simu Liu had to unexpectedly field — and deflect — a question about her rumored divorce from Ben.

Simu Liu and Jennifer Lopez sit and smile during a Netflix event
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Now, People has new reports about the pair's relationship status — and it sounds like things are still pretty rocky.

Jennifer Lopez in a sleek metallic outfit, smiles while a man whispers to her on a red carpet at an event
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“They’re still living separately," a source tells the publication, which also notes that the couple spent Mother's Day apart and that Jennifer is preparing for her upcoming tour.

Jennifer Lopez, in a sleeveless, fitted dress with a high collar and nude skirt, and Ben Affleck, in a dark suit, pose together at a formal event
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"She seems okay," the source adds. "She’s very focused on work."

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at a red carpet event. Jennifer wears a crop top with a blazer, while Ben is in a suit
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There you have it. We've reached out to J.Lo and Ben's reps, and if we get further comment, we'll let you know.