The White Lotus creator teases future season in Australia: 'We have to'

Mike White and Jennifer Coolidge are currently in Sydney for Vivid.

The White Lotus creator Mike White has teased plans to feature an upcoming season of the popular series in Australia.

The black comedy-drama series, which has received universal praise since it premiered in 2021, has seen each season take place in a different location around the world. Season one was set in Hawaii, the second took place in Hawaii, and the third is reportedly filming in Thailand.

Mike White and Jennifer Coolidge in Sydney.
Creator Mike White has teased a season of The White Lotus set in Australia. Photo: Getty

Mike, who is currently visiting Australia with the show’s star Jennifer Coolidge as part of Sydney’s Vivid festival, spoke about filming a potential season Down Under during a press conference on Saturday morning.

“My dream would be to hit every continent, so yeah, this is like its own continent basically,” he said. “We kind of have to come to Australia if we keep going.

“It would be so fun. Obviously, there’s a huge wealth of talent here and the beauty is inarguable, so it feels like it checks all the boxes.”


Mike and Jennifer also discussed a possible prequel series centred around her character Tanya McQuoid.

“I absolutely think that’s possible, we were just talking about that,” he shared. “It’s a funny idea. And making Jennifer, you know, 20 years younger, that would be fun too. I think Jennifer’s like, ‘Sure, let’s do it!’.”

When asked where she would want the series to take place, Jennifer replied, “Australia gets my vote”.

“We can bring Murray Bartlett back,” Mike added.

Mike White and Jennifer Coolidge in Sydney.
Mike White and Jennifer Coolidge are currently in Sydney for Vivid. Photo: Getty

'Worst day of my life'

Speaking about their time in Sydney, Mike revealed that he has only visited the city once before under very different circumstances.

“It was on The Amazing Race and it was actually probably the worst day of my life,” he laughed. “My dad was cramping and fainting on the ferry. But the entire time as this train wreck in slow motion was happening I was like, ‘This city is beautiful! I need to come back here when I’m not running for my life’.

“So I’ve always had a desire to come back and when the invitation came for a cool festival like this I was just like, ‘Yes’. I happened to be in Thailand anyway, so it was not that bad a commute. So I’m happy to be here.”

As for Jennifer, the Legally Blonde actress said she had “an incredible experience” when she last visited Sydney and enjoyed “some very late nights that went very well”.

“I’ve had a lot going on and it’s all been sort of work stuff and I really wanted to do something fun, and Australia has always been fun,” she shared about her desire to travel here again.

“It’s a happy crowd and, I don’t know, I feel like it’s an incredible escape to happy times here and when they asked me, there wasn’t any hesitation.”

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