Hidden X-rated detail in White Lotus scene: 'What the hell is that?'

White Lotus star Theo James has revealed a hidden X-rated detail in one of the show's most shocking scenes.

In the first episode, Theo's character camera strips naked in front of his friend's wife while changing into a swimsuit, flashing his genitals behind her in the process as she looks at him in a mirror.

The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon probed the star for details about the moment he dropped his pants.

"People thought it was the Loch Ness Monster," Jimmy joked.

Theo then admitted the penis shown on screen however was actually a prosthetic and revealed the truth behind its size.

Aubrey Plaza looks at Theo James strip as she looks into a mirror.
Theo James strips in front of Aubrey Plaza in White Lotus season two. Source: HBO

"The truth of it was, so, you know, you go into these scenes and you have a conversation with the director and the producers and they go, 'OK, for this we're going to use a prosthetic, we're gonna use something', and you say, 'OK, that sounds good'," he said.

"You have a conversation and the lovely Rebecca who was the makeup designer comes up and she's like, 'You know, this is what they want to do but obviously we want to have some input'.


"So I said, 'Honestly, I just want it not to be distracting. It needs to be regular Joe'... the scene's not about the pee-pee, it's about power play in sex, it's about whether he did it deliberately or it was an accident and what that means and that kind of stuff."

Theo added the makeup designer understood his 'regular Joe' request and once he got on set he saw her with a hammer.

"The thing is ginormous and me and the director are sitting there going, 'That's average, is it?'" he said.

"It was nine inches flat and about four inches wide, what the hell is that?"

Theo revealed he was asked by The Tonight Show producers whether he still had it, to which he laughed and admitted he didn't keep it.


Viewers took to Instagram to joke about the size of the prosthetic being compared to a 'regular Joe'.

"That prop master must be a very lucky lady if that was average for her," one commented.

"Rebecca's got some high standards," another quipped.

"I had to rewind that scene because my husband missed it and he needed to know why I was speechless," a third added.

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