The Voice's Jessica Mauboy left in tears after emotional performance

The Voice's Jess Mauboy was left in tears after a war veteran took to the stage on the hit reality show.

The Voice judge Jessica Mauboy was left in tears after a war veteran took to the stage to share his story, accompanied by his support dog, Bella.

Chris Hodder, 60, performed in the Blind Auditions of the singing competition on Tuesday night’s episode, singing Ben E. King’s Stand By Me, but unfortunately didn’t turn any chairs.

Jessica Mauboy looking shocked on The Voice
Jessica Mauboy choked up after hearing war veteran Chris Hodder's emotional story. Photo: Channel Seven

However, it was his emotional background story that warmed the judges, leaving Jessica Mauboy fighting tears.

Chris revealed that his pup Bella came into his life over a year previously after he struggled with PTSD after serving in the military for 30 years.

“I spent a lot of time overseas on deployment,” he explained. “You’re living in hostile environments, you’re confronted with a lot of stuff that just changes your life.”

“There are a lot of veterans out there that are struggling, Bella changed my life,” Chris went on to say. “A lot of times I have bad nights and when I have bad nights, she wakes me up and helps me.”


Chris Hodder performing on The Voice with his support dog Bella.
Chris Hodder performs on The Voice, accompanied by his support dog, Bella. Photo: Channel Seven
Bella, a war veteran support dog, on stage of The Voice.
Bella, a service dog, has been supporting war veteran Chris Hodder for 18 months. Photo: Channel Seven

Leaving the judges clearly moved, Guy Sebastian thanked Chris for his service.

“I think we’re giving Bella a lot of love, but the reason you need Bella is because of the sacrifice that you’ve made, so I just want to thank you and honour you, because that is a huge sacrifice.”

Jessica Mauboy choked up as she addressed the war veteran.

“I think what you’ve done today in bringing that message to light, I was just listening to the story you were sharing and thinking of so many others who don’t get that support, so an incredible message. Thank you,” she said, fighting back tears.

“The time and money that goes into this angel is worth every cent if we save one veteran,” Chris said, as people rose to give him a standing ovation.


The Voice continues Sunday 7pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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