The Voice: Hidden detail spotted in contestants' shock exit

The Voice's Jessica Mauboy was left shocked after one of her acts eliminated themselves.

Two contestants took The Voice judges and fans by surprise, in a shock move that saw them eliminate themselves from the competition.

The Bushwackers, Dobe and Roger, were up against Ezra Williams to fight it out to see who would proceed into the battle rounds for Team Jess.

After stellar performances from both artists, Jessica Mauboy was left with a tough decision.

"This is a really tough one," Jessica said. "I originally grouped you guys together because you are family."

The Bushwackers on The Voice
The Bushwackers after performing Paul Kelly's 'Dumb Things'. Photo: Seven

As Sonia pushed Jess for an answer, Jess said it was one of the "hardest" decisions she's had to make.

"I really don't know what to do, and that's on me," she began, before The Bushwackers interrupted.


"I don't want to interrupt Jess, but we can make this easier for you," Dobe said.

"This show and the challenges to come, we think are about people who are just beginning on their career journey. So Rog and I have decided that you need Ezra in your battle team."

"As much as we're having a wonderful time, this is about the future and Ezra is the future," he continued.

Jessica Mauboy on The Voice
Jessica Mauboy was left shocked when one of her acts eliminated themselves on The Voice. Photo: Seven

"That's very honourable," Guy Sebastian said, while the audience gave a standing ovation.

There was a hint earlier in the episode that The Bushwackers may have made their decision to exit before performing.


"Her performance at the callbacks was just astonishing," Dobe had said earlier in the episode when speaking of Ezra.

"When you see people that good, and they're that young, there's every chance they will achieve significantly in their career."

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