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The 'amazingly warm' waterproof jacket shoppers are calling their 'best purchase'

The Toasty is a game-changing new way to stay cosy outdoors.

Taking a dip in winter is a great way to blow away the cobwebs and start your day feeling invigorated. But coming out of the water and being able to warm up quickly isn't easy —until now.

With Toasty, Aussies have discovered a new way to stay warm and dry after a brisk morning swim; a fleece-lined jacket that's a game-changer when it comes to staying cosy. "First time I have been toasty getting out of my wetsuit," said one happy customer in an online review.

"I always dreaded the post-swim changing process, I could never get warm," said another. "Now, I am warm pre and post swim. It has literally changed my life."

Models wearing Toasty jackets
The Toasty will keep you cosy after winter watersports. Photo: Supplied

The Toasty is a weatherproof, multifunctional jacket that's made from 100% recycled materials. It's fully lined with thick, soft, moisture-wicking fleece that acts as a blanket to keep you warm and dry.

It has fleece-lined side pockets, a waterproof internal zip pocket, and even an internal "stash" pocket so you can keep your undies handy and get changed underneath the jacket.


Designed to be oversized to keep you extra warm, it has wide velcro fastening sleeves so you can easily change from wet swimwear or wetsuits underneath it. Its seams are heat-sealed so you can keep the wind and rain out too.

Outdoorsy people love the versatility of the Toasty jacket and are wearing it everywhere, from after the beach, to watching the kids play winter sports. "I found it hard to rock up to netball, soccer, AFL and rugby on the tough cold mornings but Toasty makes me do it with a smile on my face," said one mum of sports-obsessed kids. "Now I'm having trouble getting it off my daughter."

Four models wearing bathing suits and Toasty jackets
The Toasty is a weatherproof, multifunctional jacket that's designed to keep you cosy after winter watersports. Photo: Supplied

The Toasty jacket was designed by Aussie twin sisters Emma and Jody, who live on opposite sides of the world and were inspired by their mutual love of swimming. Jody enjoys cold water swimming in the UK, and Emma loves winter swimming in Australia. The women decided to design something that would allow them to be as adventurous as possible when it came to cold weather but still keep them warm afterwards.

The jacket has been a huge hit. "It's been my best purchase this winter," said one cosy customer. "It's a game-changer and lives up to its name. Perfect for my early morning surf and late night wintery missions," said another.

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