The Veronicas' speak out on The Project after terrifying huntsman spider video

"The way I just threw my phone across the room."

The Veronicas' Jessica Origliasso shocked fans last month when the duo premiered their new music video for 'Perfect' featuring a huge huntsman crawling all over Jessica's face.

The video showed Jessica and Lisa playing guitar, while the terrifyingly huge spider attached itself to Jess' lips.

Speaking with The Project, the two opened up about the creative decision, with Jessica saying she was 'arachnophobic' before the music video.

"I fell in love with her. Her name was Hunter. They're reluctant to bite humans," she told The Project panel.

"Not that I recommend that anyone just pick them up, but we don't have to kill them. You can usher them outside."

The singer said she wanted to pay tribute to Australia and Australia's wildlife.

Jessica Origliasso  and giant huntsman on her face
The Veronicas' Jessica Origliasso has opened up about her decision to feature a huge huntsman in their music video. Photo: Network 10

The music video shocked fans when it first premiered, with many freaking out at the footage or convinced it was CGI.

"I thought that was a filter at first but YOU DID THAT," one person said.

"I love you and RESPECT spiders but this has incapacitated me haha," another commented.


"The way I just threw my phone across the room," another fearful person said.

Jessica had originally uploaded a video of herself getting acquainted with Hunter, saying every Aussie had a 'Steve Irwin in them'.

"This was one of the best experiences of my entire life!" she captioned the video. "It's also true that every Australian is born with the fearless spirit of Steve Irwin within them."

"Legend has it the spider is still hanging out on her face.." sister Lisa joked after the video was shared.

The Veronicas' new album Gothic Summer is out early 2024.

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