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The two-step skincare routine that will refresh your face

You no longer need multiple bottles in your bathroom cupboard.

Skincare can be confusing. Layering products and remembering which order to use essences, oils and serums can be expensive - not to mention time consuming.

That's why plastic surgeon Kelly Thornbury, and founder of Skinbar, Samantha Appel decided to launch a new skincare line; to help streamline products while still providing effective, active skincare.

Samantha Appel and plastic surgeon Kelly Thornbury
Bottao skincare is designed to streamline your skincare routine. It was founded by Skinbar founder Samantha Appel and plastic surgeon Kelly Thornbury. Photo: Supplied

Bottao is a medical grade cosmeceuticals skincare line designed specifically to simplify your skincare routine. It contains just two products; a morning serum and an evening serum.

The morning serum, currently $118.40, is formulated with Vitamin B3 to help brighten the skin, strengthen the skin barrier and promote even skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation. B3 is a powerful antioxidant that also guards against sun damage and inflammation.

Bottao's morning serum
Bottao's morning serum provides 24 hour hydration to improve your skin's barrier function. Photo: Supplied

The serum also contains Kinetin, a plant hormone and DNA modifier that increases skin hydration, while decreasing pore size and improving texture. Liquorice Root Extract reduces redness and irritation, while aloe decreases the appearance of fine wrinkles.


The evening serum, now $118.40, is designed to give a streamlined approach to anti-ageing. It contains Encapsulated Vitamin A to penetrate deep into the skin and promote cellular turnover. This results in a radiant complexion with minimal irritation. It's also packed with Vitamin C to reduce pigmentation and improve skin brightness, and Ferulic acid to enhance the function of the Vitamin C and stimulate the production of collagen, firming the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Woman holding up Bottao evening serum
Bottao's evening serum restores and repairs your skin overnight. Photo: Supplied

Not only does streamlining your skincare routine make your life easier, it's a more sustainable option than using multiple bottles of products.

This Easter weekend, Bottao is offering 25 per cent off when you buy two products together.

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