The tertiary educated women who are making millions through X-rated content on OnlyFans

Content creators are turning to the adult platform to secure financial freedom in the future.

Tertiary-educated content creators are choosing greater financial freedom over professional careers and are making money through utilising x-rated platforms like OnlyFans.

Katija Cortez from Sydney initially held a job as a fully licensed chartered accountant, after obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction (major in accountancy, minor in business law.) “I left for a few reasons. Firstly, I discovered that my prestigious job wouldn’t afford me a decent lifestyle here in Sydney. You can barely afford to survive here on 6 figures a year, let alone own a house or car,” Katija said.

Katija also felt the firm she worked for wasn’t loyal to her for her hard work and commitment. When she was passed over for both a promotion and bonus during Covid, Katija realised that companies are often not as loyal to employees as we would hope.

“That broke something inside me. It really did. I realised that the firm didn’t love me as much as I loved it,” Katija said.

Katija Cortez
Katija Cortez. Photo:

After being rejected for business writing jobs where she could be creative (Katija’s childhood dream), Katija turned to OnlyFans and found she could finally achieve a comfortable lifestyle. Katija now pays more a week in rent than the average person earns in the same time frame.

Annie Knight is a high-profile OnlyFans star from the Gold Coast who received international media exposure for achieving over 300 spicy encounters last year. Annie also has a Bachelor of Marketing and held multiple positions in marketing, including as a marketing manager,

“I initially started my OF account on the side to make some extra money, while working in marketing. When my workplace found out about it, they fired me and I decided to focus on it full-time.”

OnlyFans creator Annie Knight
OnlyFans creator Annie Knight. Photo:

Annie found that, while her marketing job tied her down, OnlyFans has allowed her to travel and work from anywhere in the world. She loves the creativity required and found strength and self-confidence she never knew was possible.

“I have two investment properties now, which wouldn’t have been possible in my previous job,” Annie said.


Stace shares her OnlyFans profile with partner, Ty, in which they share their sexual escapades with fans, all in a bid to promote self-discovery and education. Stace has two university degrees – a Bachelor of Arts (psychology major) and a Masters in Health Psychology.

“I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and I wanted to help people. After I realised clinical psychology wasn’t for me, I started coaching women in body image and food. I had an eating disorder for 6 years). It has now evolved into helping people reach their full sexual potential and relationships,” Stace said.

Onlyfans couple Stace and Ty \
Onlyfans couple Stace and Ty are on a mission to teach people about intimacy. Photo:

“When it comes to OnlyFans, combining psychology and sex which is a really cool synthesis, especially considering our brains are our largest sex organs. OF is a way where I can live out my kink with my life partner while healing from previous psychological challenges, and it has allowed me to fully embrace this side of myself.”


Australia’s best porn newcomer, Nova Hawthorne, also has a Master's degree in social work. Nova said she was pressured to leave her university by her lecturer when they discovered she was working in the adult industry to support her studies.

“Instead of leaving the course altogether, I transferred to an entirely different campus in a city area where I was accepted as I am. I was able to complete my studies with great marks.”

Nova Hawthorne
Nova Hawthorne has found great success in the adult entertainment industry. Photo:

While Nova ended up losing respect for not only the academics at the university but social work too, she realised the importance of being proud of who she is. Nova now works in the adult industry full-time, and enjoys a much more comfortable lifestyle than a career in social work would have been able to provide.

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