The Real Love Boat stars spoil the show's ending after just one ep

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Channel Ten’s newest reality show The Real Love Boat premiered on Wednesday night, and two contestants have already spoiled the ending.

Single parents Sally Geach and Jay Bonnell instantly clicked during the first episode and have hinted that they’re still together.

Sally and Jay on The Real Love Boat
Sally and Jay hit it off on The Real Love Boat's first episode. Photo: Ten

Over the past week, the single parents have been sharing photos on Instagram from the same locations in Bali.

At the end of Wednesday’s episode, Jay chose Sally to stay on the boat with him, and she was excited to see where their relationship would go.

“I do like Jay,” she said on the show. “It is still early days but I can’t wait to get to know him more and more.”


The pair have four-year-old daughters from their previous relationships, with wedding dress designer Sally ready to meet her perfect match.

Jay’s father Mark Bonnell also commented on one of Sally’s Instagram posts, writing: “You would make a beautiful daughter-in-law. Just saying.”

Sally replied with heart emojis and a simple "stop it hehe".

“You are [a] gorgeous girl. Can’t understand why you would want to date only a 9.9 out of 10. Surely you could snag a 10. Love you girl,” Mark added in a second comment.

L: Sally in a bikini drinking a cocktail in Bali. R: Jay sitting on a hammock in Bali
Sally and Jay were spotted at the same location in Bali. Photo: Instagram/sally_victoria_ & jaywbonnell

Fans didn’t love the first episode, with many trashing the show on social media.

“This is basically Love Island on a boat, with less attractive couples,” one pointed out.

“Ten didn’t want Bachelor in Paradise but they did want this show, which is functionally identical except instead of the brand strength & recognisability of The Bachelor they’ve gone with the brand strength & recognisability of a sitcom from 50 years ago,” another joked.

“This show is really just filmed on the Manly ferry isn’t it?” quipped a third.

“Hoo boy this is even worse than I thought,” another said.

Others thought it was ridiculous that the show was being filmed on a working Princess Cruise boat.

“[Are] there old people in the background?! There’s other guests on this love boat?” one asked.

“It’s my absolute favourite that inevitably you see some random cruise goer wandering in their togs in the background baffled at this reality TV disaster,” added a second.

“I love all the old people wandering around in the background,” commented another.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Channel Ten for comment.

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