The Project under fire over X-rated chat with Cardi B: 'New low'

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The Project’s Carrie Bickmore is never one to shy away from a candid chat, but it seems an X-rated conversation on last night’s episode proved too much for some viewers.

US megastar rapper, Cardi B, appeared on the program to discuss her controversial new single WAP with Megan Thee Stallion, and the conversation straight away got predictably naughty.

Carrie Bickmore embarassed WAP interview Cardi B
An interview that left Carrie Bickmore blushing on The Project has hit a nerve with fans. Photo: 10

“I can’t go into what it stands for due to our timeslot,” The Project host warned the rapper, asking her to describe her new single in a ‘family-friendly way’.

WAP stands for ‘wet a** p**sy’, with a title and lyrics so explicit even YouTube has it censored on their platform.

Cardi B points to lap during promo for WAP song on The Project
Cardi didn't shy away from discussing hte subject matter of WAP during the interview. Photo: 10

“A gynecologist’s office,” Cardi joked the song was about ‘a gynecologist’s office’, saying she wanted people to have ‘fun’ with the song.

“I just want people to have fun,” she told the host, before pointing to her lap and continuing: “I just want girls to be like “I’m talkin’ … look at themselves and go “Mmm girl, I’m talking about you.”


In a surprising twist, Carrie made a very candid admission.

“I don’t often talk to mine, maybe I need to more,” the host said while blushing.

The Project fans slam ‘inappropriate’ segment

Cardi B explicit WAP video The Project interview
Cardi B's song has already divided plenty with an X-rated video to match. Photo: YouTube/Cardi B

The chat and promotion of the song left viewers divided, with plenty absolutely furious at the show for including Cardi B and the new song, though heavily censored, on national TV.

“Basically promoting a pornographic song and video what are you doing,” one fan wondered.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Really?” another asked. “This show has stooped to a new low!!”

Photo: 10
Photo: Twitter

“I love Cardi,” one viewer admitted. “But in no way was it appropriate in prime time with children potentially watching to be promoting her new song. And then for the hosts to keep hinting at the meaning. It's an explicit song of the highest degree.”

Photo: 10
Photo: Twitter

Others couldn’t believe what they called a ‘double standard’ arguing male rappers were routinely included in similar slots to promote songs just as explicit.

“I don't see this much hostility when the men are rapping about all sorts of explicit things...” a fan page for the rapper responded. “I see the hypocrisy.”

“Love her,” another wrote hashtagging #WAP. “Always authentic and honest.”

Photo: 10
Photo: Twitter

The interview shared to Facebook and Twitter stirred up quite the controversy among viewers, but it’s hardly the first time the program has left viewers divided.

It comes just one day after The Masked Singer star Christine Anu accidentally dropped a double F and S Bomb live on the program and had to be cut mid-interview.

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