The Project's Waleed Aly left speechless by Miriam Margolyes' odd question

Miriam stunned the panel with her question.

The Project hosts were left baffled on Thursday night when Miriam Margolyes asked an unexpected question to Waleed Aly.

Miriam, who is Jewish, shared her thoughts on the conflict in Gaza, calling for a ceasefire.

The Project host Waleed Aly and Miriam Margolyes
The Project host Waleed Aly was left speechless by guest Miriam Margolyes who asked him a rather odd question on the show. Photo: Ten

"Ceasefire now," she said. "Whether you're Black or white, it doesn't matter."

She then caught Waleed off guard by asking, "What are you by the way? You're sort of brown?"


Waleed was surprised, as was the audience, but laughed and responded, "This is a really interesting question. I've thought about this a lot. I'm not joking about that!

"So, I'm Egyptian, which is in Africa, so what do you want to call that?" he asked her.

"Oh really?" she said. "Well, lucky I think, because I like the Egyptian people. I’m on the side of the Palestinians, I have to tell you that now."

"Because being Jewish, we always have to say what we are. Are we for Israel or against Israel? I’m only for humanity. Ceasefire."

"I think it's fair to say that that chat was not as predicted," Waleed joked to the camera.

"But who the hell cares, it's important!" Miriam responded.


Fans loved Miriam on the show, with one fan writing, "Miriam was just wonderful."

"Can you have @mmargolyes on every night please?" another asked.

"Oh my goodness ...Miriam @mmargolyes is a hoot ...larger than life! What a magnificent woman! Can we keep her?" a third said.

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