The Project's Rove McManus almost injures himself after bizarre fail on live TV

'Always a crack up.'

Rove McManus suffered an unfortunate incident while co-hosting The Project on Friday night when he accidentally pushed his chair off the stage.

The TV personality, 50, who co-owns the production company behind the current affairs program, was sending the show to a commercial break when he pushed his seat back and overestimated how big the stage was.

The Project's Rove McManus.
The Project host Rove McManus accidentally pushed his chair off the stage during Friday night's show. Photos: Channel 10

“Like those glasses broke, it's time for us to have a break too!” he announced enthusiastically.

His chair then slowly rolled backwards as he dabbed at the camera before he fell off the stage and quickly stood up.


The three-time Gold Logie winner addressed the incident when The Project returned from the ad break and assured viewers that he was okay.

“Any keen-eyed viewers, this is why when we say ‘We’ll be right back’, don’t just switch,” he remarked. “You should stay watching because I nearly hurt myself as we threw to the break.”

Producers then re-played the bizarre moment while Rove explained that he was unaware their stage didn’t go all the way to the back wall.

“It was right at the point where I went, ‘Oh this is going on for a bit’, and I nearly hurt myself,” he narrated.

His co-host Georgie Tunny added: “None of us immediately went to your aid. We were all like, ‘Guys, did you see!’.”

'Always a crack up'

After the hilarious clip was posted on social media alongside the caption, “Well, that’s our 2024 highlights package sorted”, viewers took to the comments to praise the way Rove handled himself.

“We just love you Rove… always a crack up,” one person wrote.

“Rove you are funny and it’s such a joy watching you,” another added, while a third said, “Welcome to the 50+ club, you fall more and it sucks”.

“Rove that’s not how you chair,” someone else remarked.

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