Tommy Little's X-rated joke about co-host's 'empty box'

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He’s the cheeky comedian who likes to push the boundaries and Tommy Little did just that on The Sunday Project when he cracked an X-rated joke about his co-host’s ‘empty box’.

The 35-year-old funnyman put Susie Youssef on the spot live on air when he unexpectedly enquired about her, well... her box.

Composite photo of The Project co-hosts Tommy Little and Susie Youssef
Tommy Little has cracked an X-rated joke about his The Project co-host's 'empty box'. Photo: Channel 10.

“People have been hitting me up on Instagram and they have been asking me why does Susie have a box under her desk?” Tommy announced to Susie and fellow panellists Chris Bath and Peter van Onselen.

“I thought it was a bit rude before I realised they were being literal,” he added.

Tommy’s suggestive question was met with giggles across the desk while a blushing Susie, 37, attempted to clarify that her ‘box’ wasn’t euphemistic but an actual real box.


Susie Youssef displays the 'empty box' she keeps under her desk as a footrest
Sure enough, Susie Youssef revealed the 'empty box' she keeps under her desk. Photo: Channel 10.

What’s in the box?

Sure enough, Susie reached under her desk to produce a small wooden box with the words ‘SUSIE’S BOX’ written in black marker.

Turns out, the diminutive comedian and actor uses the box as a footrest to relieve strain on her lower back.

But Tommy couldn’t resist taking the raunchy humour a little bit further, coyly asking, “What is in Susie’s box?”

“Sadly, it's empty. It's been empty for a while,” she quipped in reply.

Tommy Little wearing a shirt, suit and jacket with short floral shorts on set of The Project while his co-hosts look on in shock
Tommy showed off his short shorts on Instagram back in 2019. Photo: Instagram/mrstommylittle.

Short and sweet

It’s not the first time Tommy has lifted the curtain and exposed what goes on behind The Project desk. Back in 2019, he took to Instagram to reveal that he has his own approach to dressing for TV.

Unbeknownst to viewers at home, Tommy prefers to sport a pair of very short, very casual floral shorts instead of customary trousers to match his clean-cut shirt, tie and suit jacket.

He’s not the only panellist that flies in the face of wardrobe convention, with none other than Susie Youssef sharing her own photo outing former co-host Hamish Macdonald for also opting for shorts.

You know what they say, business on top, party under the desk...

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