The Project slams Kylie's shoey attempt: 'Think it was fake'

Did the Aussie superstar really drink from a shoe at the BRIT Awards?

The Project panel has debated whether Kylie Minogue really participated in doing a shoey at The BRIT Awards, after a video of her partaking in one did the rounds on social media.

The singer, 55, who won the BRITs' Global Icon Award somewhat reluctantly agreed to do a shoey after host Roman Kemp asked her to perform the Aussie ritual with him, however not everyone is convinced she consumed any liquid during the process.

Kylie Minogue doing a shoey
Kylie Minogue does a shoey. Photo:

Fans on X (previously Twitter) cast their doubt over the shoey, with The Project's Sarah Harris agreeing. "I think it was fake," Sarah said, after her co-host Michael Hing asked if there was even "beer" in the heeled shoe.


"Not a drop! Did you see when he pulled them up? There was nothing. There was no liquid in those shoes," The Project's Rachel Corbett said.

Sarah also stipulated that it would have likely been a very tiny gulp if Kylie had taken a sip, given her size five feet. "Charlene would've done it," she also stated, referencing Kylie's character from Neighbours.

The Project hosts
The Project hosts weren't convinced Kylie actually did a shoey. Photo: Network 10

"Nobody wants to do a shoey," Rachel stated. "And then you feel the pressure and everybody's looking at you, and next thing you know you're drinking beer from a shoe."

On social media, others were not convinced about the Aussie tradition.


"Disgusting," one person commented on TikTok.

"It didn’t look like there was anything in her shoe, she didn’t even swallow!" another person pointed out.

"If I ask for your shoe that you’re not wearing and magic a brand new pair from under the table," another person commented with an eye-rolling emoji.

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