The Project hosts slam Katie Hopkins' naked quarantine act: 'A troll'

The Project hosts have slammed both Katie Hopkins and Channel Seven after the far-right UK commentator claimed she was deliberately trying to break Covid hotel quarantine rules.

Katie, who is known for her controversial views, was due to appear on Channel Seven’s Celebrity Big Brother alongside Caitlyn Jenner, who also flew into Sydney last week.

Katie Hopkins in a blue dress
The Project hosts have blasted Channel Seven for siging Katie Hopkins up to Celebrity Big Brother. Photo: Getty Images

However, according to The Guardian, Channel Seven terminated her contract after she filmed herself calling Covid lockdowns the “greatest hoax in human history” and said that she was planning to breach her quarantine by opening her door to the security guards nude and maskless.

In the now deleted Instagram video, Katie said: “I’ve been told when they bring three meals a day to the door … I have to wait 30 seconds before opening the door. And then I can open the door but only with a face mask.”

Katie went on to claim that she was “lying in wait” in the bathroom until the knock came so she could “frighten the s**t out of them [the workers] and do it naked with no face mask”.


Last night, The Project hosts hit out at the decision to bring Hopkins into the country at all, with Jan Fran saying: “What was Seven expecting when they did hire Katie Hopkins to do this? She's a troll. She courts controversy. They knew that’s what she would bring to the Big Brother house.

Lisa Wilkinson on The Project
Lisa Wilkinson and the rest of The Project hosts were left fuming after Katie was granted a visa to enter the country. Photo: Channel 10
Jan Fran on The Project
Jan Fran called Katie Hopkins a 'troll'. Photo: Channel 10

“It’s telling isn’t it that they’ve changed their minds because she’s flouted covid restrictions, not because of the heinous things she’s been saying for years and years?

“You know she used the term ‘final solution’ after the Manchester bombing in 2017? That is a phrase that needs to be relegated to the bin of history and she is using it in 2017 and Channel 7 is inviting her out here. You don’t make a mistake like that.”

Fellow host Peter van Onselen replied: “They want controversy, they just didn’t think it would lead as far as this.

“You know, she’s going to go back to the UK now and she’s just going to complain about us and she’s going to build her brand locally off what we’ve done even though what we’ve done is the right thing.”

Lisa Wilkinson also gave her opinion on the matter, saying: “But don’t you think this is exactly what Channel 7 wanted and it’s cost them – I don’t know, how much is an economy ticket from the UK at the moment 150 grand?

Katie Hopkins in hotel quarantine in Australia
The far-right UK commentator claimed she was deliberately trying to break Covid hotel quarantine rules. Photo: Instagram/Katie Hopkins

“So that’s all it’s cost them which is cheaper than a marketing budget.”

Tommy Little eventually ended the chat, saying: “Guys, guys, I’ve just been told we’ve mentioned another network too much, we’ve got to move on”.

Last year, Katie was permanently banned from Twitter for breaching the "hateful conduct" policy.

Over the year, Kate has been retweeted many times by former US president Donald Trump and has previously compared migrants to cockroaches.

Federal government and opposition MPs have blasted her antics, with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce saying: “I’m the one who wanted to send home Johnny Depp’s dogs home so I have no problem sending home someone (Ms Hopkins) who wants to flout our laws,” he told ABC Insider.

“If you want to do that, pack your bongo and get out of (the) country!”

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