The Project host's bizarre swipe at show's low ratings: 'Aren't watching'

Kate Langbroek has taken a savage swipe at The Project's low ratings while appearing on the panel on Thursday evening's show.

The radio star was in a debate with co-host Nazeem Hussain over his refusal to use office toilets, fearing 'people could hear', when Kate made a remark about how 'people aren't watching this show'.

Kate Langbroek on the project
Kate Langbroek takes a savage swipe at The Project's low ratings. Photo: Channel 10

"Who do you think is listening in?" Kate fired back.

"People aren't even watching this show, mate, let alone watching you on the pooper!"

Host Carrie Bickmore began to awkwardly laugh, while Nazeem responded: "I said listening, not watching!"

Kate then pointed in front of her saying, "it was a test", before cameras cut to Lisa Wilkinson, who smiled awkwardly and said: "OK, that just took a seriously weird turn."


Lisa Wilkinson on the project
Lisa Wilkinson slimed awkwardly after the remark. Photo: Channel 10

The Project has been plagued by low ratings over the past year, alongside other some of the Network's other flagship shows such as MasterChef Australia, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which also saw a slump in ratings.

The national audience for The Project has dropped from 725,000 ten years ago to 490,000 this year.

Late last year, Channel Ten shared a statement about the future of The Project, slamming rumours it would be cancelled due to low ratings.

The network doubled down on its commitment to the show and its Sunday-night edition, hosted by Lisa Wilkinson, confirming it will return next year after the many reports it wouldn't.

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, a Network 10 spokesperson said: "The Project has just celebrated its 12th birthday and is here to stay! At a time when information, context and understanding is more important than ever, The Project will continue to provide Australians with their dose of news delivered differently."

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