Lisa Wilkinson calls out TV shows 'pitting women against each other'

Lisa Wilkinson has called out the trend of 'pitting women against each other' on reality TV shows, and within the media, in an interview for the release of her new memoir.

The Project host and veteran journalist referenced the Apple TV show Morning Wars – a drama starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon – when she address the 'damage' that kind of competition does.

the project host Lisa Wilkinson
Lisa Wilkinson has called out shows that pit women against each other. Photo: Channel Ten

"Morning Wars has to have that dramatic element – you've got to have that storyline, the 61-year-old told The Courier Mail.

"There is an element in the media – mostly in the women's magazines – where it's really easy pickings to pit women against each other. The amount of damage that does."


Lisa's four-decade long career started in magazines, before she eventually entering the fray of television.

"It happens on reality-TV shows but those women know what they are signing up for," Lisa added.

"They are signing up for a competition where there is only one woman at the end and reality TV cameras love it when there's a b**ch slap because that's where the ratings are.

"I do worry about the effect that has on young women."

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon on morning wars
The show Morning Wars stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Photo: Apple TV
mafs public spat
Reality TV likes MAFS has also seen public spats between women. Photos: Channel Nine/Instagram

She went on to say that women fighting against each other only "strengthened the boys club", something Lisa had previously spoken about.

"I’m just not keeping men’s secrets anymore. I think, as women, when we do that all we do is strengthen the boys’ club and we do women a disservice," she told the Herald Sun recently.

Lisa covers the issue of women supporting women in her new book, It Wasn't Meant to Be Like This.

lisa wilkinson memoir
Lisa book goes on sale on November 1. Photo: Penguin

As reported by the Courier Mail, in the foreword of her memoir Lisa writes: "And when the prizes for women are so few, what does that do to our psyche? What does that mean for our desire to see other women succeed?

"How does it affect the camaraderie we feel with other women when we are all essentially set up to be in competition for the few tiny slices of the pie that we’re told exist?"

Lisa Wilkinson previously opened up about being "humiliated" and "betrayed" by former employer Nine when she was "dismissed" from her role as host on the Today show.

She has dedicated another chapter in the book to her leaving the program, and her falling out with former co-star Karl Stefanovic over a pay dispute.

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