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Skinny dipping

The new bizarre bikini doing the rounds is this ‘naked’ one from Oh Polly. Photo: Instagram/lauraammy and lucygrassso

This barely-there bikini leaves nothing to the imagination

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

From belt buckles, to underboob, and extremely high-waists – there are plenty of crazy and risqué new bikini and swimwear trends hitting the market.

But this barely-there design is taking it to the next level by leaving pretty much nothing to the imagination.

It’s really no surprise given the bikini style, by Oh Polly, is called ‘Skinny Dipping’. It includes a couple of (tiny) patches of fabric – enough to cover your private bits if you’re a size zero – but the straps around the top and bottom are completely clear.

To make it look more like you’re wearing nothing at all, the colours are all skin-tone based.

“Don’t wanna exaggerate but like…. if I wore this every little bit of me would pop out,” one person commented on Instagram.

“But where do my flaps go?” another asked.

This is just the latest of a host of new swimwear trends revealed over the summer.

We even had one brave reporter dare to bare it all, when trying out Black Swallow’s racy hot pink high-cut swimsuit for a day at the beach.

To be honest, I felt very Olivia Newton-John a la Physical but without the modesty of leggings and a shrug,” our reporter Louise admitted.

You can check out all the trends in the slideshow.

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