The most disgusting things hotel cleaners have found

Sarah Carty

Just like taxi drivers, doctors, physiatrists and hairdressers, hotel cleaners are bound to have seen and heard pretty much everything.

Not only are they the wardens of the corridors but they’re also the first people who enter hotel rooms after a guest has left.

A Reddit thread from last year revealed the most disturbing secrets cleaners have uncovered from sweeping through rooms, and they're really quite grim.

"I had a summer job cleaning hotel rooms,” one Reddit user said.

“One day a coworker told me she walked into her first room that day and the first thing she saw, neatly arranged on the desk, were 3 dildos, a note saying ‘please wash :)’ and a 20 crown note (about $2). She didn't.”

Hotel cleaners have revealed the craziest things they've discovered in hotel rooms. Photo: Getty Images

One woman recalled being hit on by an older man in his hotel room as she tried to clean it up.

"My first job as a teenager I was a hotel maid,” she wrote.

“I've seen a lot of weird shit, but one situation that stood out was this creepy old man who would hit on me and my friend.

“Every time we would clean his room, the top drawer of his dresser would be open with what seemed to be a strategically placed unused condom that legit was like from the 1970s.

“I guess he never got to use it," she said.

Not only are they the wardens of the corridors but they’re also the first people who enter hotel rooms after a guest has left. Photo: Getty Images

Others had traumatising stories about people who had died at the hotel and were only found when the maid went in to clean their room.

"One day a maid found a woman who committed suicide," a person commented who heard the story from a maid who used to work at his hotel.

"She checked in so her family would not be forced to find the body.

“It was the middle of the day and the hotel was mostly clear of people.

“Nobody heard the gun shot and we have concrete floors that stopped the bullet from traveling out of the room.

‘The way it was described to me was it was relatively clean.

“She laid in bed and put a pillow on her head and shot through it towards the ground. It wasn't until the cops came that blood got everywhere. The maid soon quit afterwards."

Another guy said his dad had actually committed suicide in a hotel room and it still haunts him that someone else found him.

"My dad committed suicide in a hotel room back in 2004,” he wrote.

“He shot himself in the head and housekeeping found him the next day.

“I have always wondered if it affected the individual who discovered him. I can't imagine...," he said.

The stories continued on the thread, with people recalling their biggest discoveries in hotel rooms.

"My brother is a janitor for Holiday Inn and was once called to fix something in a guest's room while they were out," one man said.

"He opened the door and found what appeared to be three newborn children in the bed.

“Turns out the old couple liked Reborn dolls so much they took them on holiday and had added ‘breathing’ mechanisms to them so the chests would rise and fall like a real baby."

Another man said that "more than one of the rooms" in the hotel he used to work in were used as meth labs and were completely trashed by people.

"One time a woman got the crap beaten out of her during breakfast hours, and paramedics were wheeling her through the lobby on a stretcher," he said.

He told another story of a time he "checked in a man in his late 60s/early 70s during an early afternoon, and about 30 minutes later, a young blonde hooker in thigh-high patent leather boots came in asking directions to his room."

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