MAFS star Bryce divides opinion with lockdown haircut from Melissa

Married At First Sight star Bryce Ruthven has debuted his brand new look after receiving a lockdown haircut from his fiancée Melissa Rawson.

Not long after the pair celebrated their one year anniversary, the 32-year-old took to social media to share a video of Melissa shaving his head.

Bryce's haircut.
Bryce let Melissa cut his hair for their anniversary. Photos: Instagram/bryceruthven

“Because we can't really do much to celebrate 12 months, we thought, why not just cut my hair?” he told his Instagram followers.

“I’m butchering it,” Melissa laughed while holding an electric shaver.

Bryce later showed off the finished result with a selfie captioned, “Because why not”.


Fans were quick to share their opinions in the comments, with many saying that he looks “much better” than he did with longer hair.

“It looks great and I’m a barber,” one person replied, while another added, “Melissa did a great job”.

“Look years younger,” someone else wrote, with a fourth saying the haircut was an “improvement”.

Bryce's haircut before and after.
Before and after Bryce’s haircut. Photos: Instagram/bryceruthven

Reality TV stars Dean Wells and Jason Engler also pointed out that he now looks very similar to former MAFS groom Nick Furphy.

However, not everyone was as impressed with his transformation.

“Noooo! Sorry but you had amazingly nice hair before!” a follower commented.

“Sorry to ruin your ego, but that is a terrible haircut, I would shave it off,” a different user shared, to which Bryce jokingly replied, “It’s pretty much shaved off as it is!”.

Bryce and Melissa kissing.
Both Bryce and Melissa wrote loving tributes online to celebrate a year together. Photo: Instagram/lissrawson

Bryce’s makeover comes shortly after he and Melissa, who are currently expecting twins, both shared loving tributes online to celebrate 12 months since they met on reality TV.

“As a beautiful woman once said on September 18, 2020: ‘Whatever our future holds, all I know is my new forever begins here today with you’,” he wrote.

“She wasn’t wrong, and my life is better for having you come into it. Happy anniversary Liss, love you so much!”

Melissa penned a similar caption on a photo gallery of memories the pair have shared together.

“We met and fell in love under the craziest of circumstances,” she began.

“Neither of us could have ever imagined that 365 days later, we would be madly in love, matching tattoos, living together, adopted a puppy, engaged, planning our wedding and soon to celebrate the birth of our children!

“You truly make me so happy and feel loved every single day and my life is exceptional because you’re a part of it. Love you babe.”

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