The Masked Singer Australia explosive fan theory that's 'ruined' the show for some

The theory will completely change how you watch the show.

Speculation about The Masked Singer Australia never seems to end, particularly when it comes to guessing the famous faces concealed beneath those extravagant costumes.

However, this week, a unique theory has captured the fanbase's attention, going viral and potentially reshaping how viewers perceive the show.

The Masked Singer Australia Brian Austin Green
In the current season of The Masked Singer Australia, celebrities including Shane Warne's daughter Summer, news presenter Sandra Sully, and 90210 star Brian Austin Green have been unmasked to date. Photo: Network 10 (Ten)

The theory first surfaced when an observant fan, who goes by the name Mason Hell-Cat, shared a TikTok video that quickly went viral. In the clip, Mason points out a rather curious detail that many fans might have missed: there appears to be no live audience present during the big reveals when celebrities are unmasked.

Mason's theory is straightforward, he suggests that the celebrities don't actually perform in their elaborate costumes during the show's tapings. Instead, they only make their appearances on stage when it's time to reveal their true identities.


Explaining the rationale behind his theory, Mason says, "The reason is they don't want audience members to give spoilers away. They film all of the reveals, every single Masked Singer, at the start of the show before it's even gone to air, so they have them in the bank."

To add another layer to the conspiracy theory, Mason proposes that the show cleverly edits these pre-recorded unmasking moments to make it seem as though the celebrities were performing in their costumes. In reality, he thinks it could be stand-in performers who take the stage.

"The celebs go in a sound booth and record their songs. The songs are just played each week and there's somebody inside the suit dancing around on stage, but it's not the celeb," he claimed, before adding, "they just play the tape of the reveal, depending on who they want to reveal that week."

Shane Warne's daughter Summer unmasked as the Bad Avocado.
Late cricketer Shane Warne's daughter Summer has been unmasked as the Bad Avocado. Photo: Network 10 (Channel 10)

Naturally, this theory sent shockwaves through The Masked Singer Australia's passionate fanbase. Some found it entirely plausible, believing that such a strategy would indeed help prevent leaks and spoilers.

As one fan put it, "It's true; otherwise, people would see them come in each week."

"Wow! That's how Ryan Reynolds was on Japan's version but wasn't even in the country for the reveal," said another convinced follower.

"Makes so much sense," someone else chimed in, "but has now ruined it for me."

However, as with any theory, there were also sceptics. One fan who claimed to have been in the audience during a previous season of the show dismissed the theory as a great suggestion, but "incorrect".

"You've thought about this too much," someone else concluded.

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