The interview question that forced Jack Vidgen from the spotlight

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Jack Vidgen has opened up about the interview question which forced him from the spotlight. Photo: Channel 7/Channel Nine

After his triumphant return to the public eye on The Voice, Jack Vidgen has opened up about the aftermath of his first shot at fame.

The admission comes eight years after the now 22-year-old captured the country’s collective heart with an Australia’s Got Talent win and his larger than life vocals.

What followed was a whirlwind music career and endless media appearances including one which culminated in Jack having to publicly grapple with his sexuality.

“I remember doing an interview and they asked me if I have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and I remember feeling like, ‘Oh my god, does someone know something?’ It was so weird to be asked that and not knowing how to answer it,” he told Who.

“I was going through puberty in front of the whole country. But when you’re trying to work out whether you’re gay or not, it’s not the easiest thing to do.”

The singer went on to reveal that moment marked his retreat from public life, and he spent the next five years working in retail and service jobs.

“From that point, I basically forced myself out of the limelight [and] I stopped music, I stopped singing,” he said.

What followed his Australia's Got Talent win was endless media appearances including one which culminated in Jack having to publicly grapple with his sexuality. Photo: Instagram/jack.vidgen

Jack publicly came out as gay last week, saying that he told friends and family of his sexuality ‘a couple of years ago’.

The one-time teen idol has also delved into what else was happened after he won Australia’s Got Talent.

“Everything blew up so much I was just like, ‘I need to get out of here, I’m going to LA’, and that was that,” he told

“I was 16, I left everyone behind me and I isolated myself in a way, I kind of cut people out of my life. I blocked out my family, I blocked out my friends.”

Jack Vidgen lived in Los Angeles after appearing on Australia's Got Talent. Photo: Channel Nine/Getty

The move was aimed at launching Jack’s music career in the US after he achieved post-show success when his debut album Yes I Am, peaked at No.3 on the ARIA charts.

However, he was self-funding his time in LA and quickly consumed what was left of his $250,000 prize money. He saw a ‘dark side’ of the industry and fell out of love with music, later returning to Australia and a private life.

But now he’s very much back, belting out a soulful rendition of Adele’s Hello during his blind audition on The Voice which landed him a spot on Guy Sebastian’s team.

And despite many fans welcoming his comeback with open arms, some on social media’s attention lay elsewhere and focused on his new look.

“Poor Jack. His lips look like they hurt,” one person wrote.

Jack has spoken openly about getting lip fillers but says he’s never had plastic surgery and that much of the change is down to puberty.

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