Can you spot what's weird about this travel post?

Stef Dies is not your average avocado-nibbling, hat-wearing, candid-posing influencer.

She’s dead funny, and people are loving her for it.

Quite literally, meet the girl turning the selfie on its head or, more accurately, on its face.

The whacky account exclusively features images of the influencer, whose real name is Stephanie Leigh, playing dead at famous locales, and it’s as good as it sounds.

While you’re average influencer’s snap from the Amalfi Coast is a little something like this:

Stef Dies opts for a more immersive shot:

The cheeky traveller is quite the globetrotter, and has played dead at travel hotspots all over the world.

From the Golden Gate Bridge, to the Eiffel Tower, to the glaciers of Iceland, the hilarious snaps have made her a standout in a world famous for its photogenic depiction of life on the road.

Many of her photos feature the influencer in the middle of a crowd who look just as confused as the average ‘grammer who stumbles across her page for the first time.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Stef said the project started off as a humorous reflection on the exhaustion of travelling.

“The early Stef Dies photos were humour snapshots of my life - pretty much in times I was completely exhausted and amused by the situations I found myself in, and wanted to capture these moments in time,' she said.

Well it can safely be said that the humour is working, because these are the best travel shots we’ve seen in a long time.

A fresh perspective. Photo: Instagram/stefdies
A fresh perspective. Photo: Instagram/stefdies

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