The $14 microwave item people are going wild for: 'Love this so much'

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Amazon's $14 Popcorn Popper continues to go viral with over 25,000 rave reviews. Source: Amazon
Amazon's $14 Popcorn Popper continues to go viral with over 25,000 rave reviews. Source: Amazon

Whether you're opting to stay home more due to the humid summer weather or just to be on the safe side (thanks, Omicron) then you will be in need of a snack once in a while. And one that doesn't require any cleaning or effort, because who has the energy these days?

If this is you but you don't want the future responsibility of shedding extra chocolate weight, then we have the perfect healthy alternative.

What's more, it's $14.


Boasting over 25,000 five-star reviews is the Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper, also described as the "best popcorn maker" by one happy customer on Amazon.

Requiring no oil, butter, time, mess or effort, the nifty popcorn popper is designed to make snacking so easy that the only job you have to do is to eat the freshly made popcorn. In fact, that's the longest task in the whole process.

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Made from durable BPA-free glass, the popcorn popper is designed to be the healthier option than regular store-bought popcorn requiring no butter or oil to cook.

Its unique design allows the hot air to spread evenly throughout the pot to prevent burnt or unpopped kernels while remaining safe to touch with the heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

A glass round pot with red silicone bottom sleeve and lid and red handle on the right with popcorn inside, against a white background.
The popcorn popper on Amazon has gone viral with over 25,000 rave reviews. Source: Amazon

Simply use the three-in-one silicone lid to measure the kernels, pour into the pot, cover with the lid and zap in the microwave for three minutes to pull out freshly made, delicious popcorn.

If you're wondering what the third use is for the silicone lid, you can also place a tablespoon of butter onto the lid to melt while in the microwave, so if you're inclined, can use freshly melted butter to pour over your popcorn. It's genius, really.

When you're done eating, simply chuck it in the dishwasher. It's that easy.

How much are we talking?

Whether you're snacking for one or need a decent-sized pot, there's two generous sizes to cater for all popcorn sessions.

The individual pot fills approximately six cups while the larger family size holds 11 cups of popcorn, which could also be enjoyed by a couple if you're feeling extra peckish.

Shop the smaller size for $14 or $38 for the larger, and with free shipping, if you're an Amazon Prime member.

Four squares showing how to pour the corn kernels into the lid, then pour into the pot, then put in the microwave and the fourth with the popped popcorn inside the pot.
The popcorn popper has been hailed as the "best popcorn maker ever" due to its easy, fuss-free design. Source: Amazon

What's everyone saying?

Customers are absolutely loving this popcorn popper, made so easy with no mess, clean up or effort involved.

"I love this so much!" a happy customer has said on Amazon. "Easy to use and makes the perfect amount for one person. Easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly, all around a great item."

"No more expensive instant popcorn packets nor having another electrical popcorn maker fail," another has said.

"I like that the measuring cup and top puts real butter on it as it is popping, making some really tasty popcorn with very little effort. And it's all dishwasher proof!"

Others have loved its healthy option, giving a guilt-free alternative to delicious snacking.

"Great for making healthy popcorn and limiting the amount of nasties that you get in ready-made popcorn," one has said.

Two rows of three popcorn popper pots, with red, black and blue on top and green, yellow and pink beneath on a white background.
Choose from six versatile colours to suit any kitchen or home. Source: Amazon

Where can I get it?

The Ecolution Original Microwave Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper is available in six colours to suit every kitchen and personal preference.

Choose from red, blue, pink, green, black and yellow to own your own perfect popcorn popper, or gift to a loved one as the ultimate TV treat.

You can shop both sizes and the wide range of colours on Amazon, as well as popcorn kernels should you want to buy the whole package.

You're welcome.

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