The Block's Kristy and Brett's house hits the rental market for eye-watering amount

For $10,000 you could get a slice of reality TV real estate.

The Block 2023 was one of the most dramatic shows of the year, ending in a nail-biting finale that left viewers on the edge of their seats.

Kristy and Brett, who controversially caused mayhem during their time on the show, walked away with a profit of $65,000 after claiming their agent "s*** the bed" during the auction.

The Block's Kristy and Brett
Kristy and Brett's The Block house has hit the rental market. Photo: Channel Nine

Now, less than three months after it sold for $3.035 million, the 18 Charming Street renovated home has hit the rental market - and it could be yours if you’ve got a cool $10,000 per month to drop on the luxurious pad.

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom house is listed at $2,500 per week, with a $15,000 bond needed to secure the property.

If you’d prefer to bring your beloved furniture with you when you move, it’s also listed at $2,000 per week unfurnished.


Kristy and Brett’s home was one of the most highly rated during their stint on the show, coming in second place a handful of times before finally scooping a win for their master ensuite.

While their guest bathroom also scored top points from the judges, the win was stolen from them when House 2 played their gnome and took home the $10,000 prize.

 The Block house
The house features a massive pool in the backyard. Photo:

Kristy and Brett’s game plan

The couple was probably one of the most controversial teams to ever appear on The Block, ruffling feathers from the moment their hammers first hit the concrete.

In an interview with Today Extra back in September, Kristy and Brett claimed they went on to the Channel Nine show to cause some conflict.

“Yeah, look, well, we did go in with the intention to ruffle feathers. stir the pot and mind games are going to potentially come with that because it allows us to have them thinking about other things other than their room,” Brett said.

“So that was our intended gameplay. So everyone did know that. I felt a little bit guilty because everyone was so nice that I was like, 'Hey, heads up. I've been talking a lot of crap on you'.”

Kristy and Brett in hi-vis on The Block
Kristy and Brett were one of the most controversial couples to appear on the show. Photo: Channel 9

Kristy and Brett claimed people reacted well to them sharing the fact that they had a game plan, with Brett saying: “I think maybe at first, maybe a little bit surprised. Like what? Like, what are these guys doing? And yeah, I just wanted to be fully transparent with them. Be prepared. We wanted to do that and I think we're doing quite well.”

Kristy added: “Someone had to be the villain, right?”

When asked by Today Extra’s Belinda Russell if they are ‘meanies’ in the real world, they both said ‘no’ in unison.

“The thing is, this is fun to us and you can see the goofy tinfoil hats, ‘Make The Block Great Again’ ones," Brett said.

Kristy added with a laugh: “Which was ironic, if you didn't see that Brett hadn't watched the TV show before and then had ‘Make The Block Great Again’ hats, like he wouldn't know the difference.”

Brett went on to say that they ‘just wanted to have their fun with it’ and that they ‘enjoyed it’.

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