The Block's Kristy and Brett double down after 'toxic behaviour' backlash: 'This is fun to us'

Kristy and Brett have revealed that their game plan all along was to 'mess with everyone'.

Sunday night’s episode of The Block left fans gobsmacked after a battle went down between Kristy and Brett and Liberty and Eliza. Now, the couple from House 3 has claimed 'ruffling feathers' was all part of their game plan.

Things came to a head last night when the sisters used their "secret gnome" to get them an extra point during Kitchen and Laundry Week judging. While the girls would have won regardless of using the gnome or not, Kristy and Brett were left fuming.

Kristy and Brett from The Block 2023 on Today Extra
Kristy and Brett have opened up in an extraordinary interview. Photo: Channel Nine

After the winners were announced, Kristy stormed backstage to grab her Donald Trump-style red cap emblazoned with “Make The Block great again” and then proceeded to have it out with Eliza over their reported ‘special treatment’.

Now, in an interview with Today Extra, Kristy and Brett have claimed that they went on to the Channel Nine show with the intention of causing some conflict.


“Yeah, look, well, we did go in with the intention to ruffle feathers. stir the pot and mind games are going to potentially come with that because it allows us to have them thinking about other things other than their room,” Brett said.

“So that was our intended gameplay. So everyone did know that. I felt a little bit guilty because everyone was so nice that I was like, 'Hey, heads up. I've been talking a lot of crap on you'.”

Kristy and Brett in 'Make The Block Great Again' hats on The Block 2023
The couple wore 'Make The Block Great Again' hats on the show last night. Photo: Channel Nine
Kristy and Brett in hi vis on The Block 2023
The couple said they went into the show with the intention of 'ruffling feathers'. Photo: Channel Nine

Kristy and Brett claim people reacted well to them sharing the fact that they had a game plan, with Brett saying: “I think maybe at first, maybe a little bit surprised. Like what? Like, what are these guys doing? And yeah, I just wanted to be fully transparent with them. Be prepared. We wanted to do that and I think we're doing quite well.”

Kristy added: “Someone had to be the villain, right?”

When asked by Today Extra’s Belinda Russell if they are ‘meanies’ in the real world, they both said ‘no’ in unison.

“The thing is, this is fun to us and you can see the goofy tinfoil hats, ‘Make The Block Great Again’ ones," Brett said.

Kristy added with a laugh: “Which was ironic, if you didn't see that Brett hadn't watched the TV show before and then had ‘Make The Block Great Again’ hats, like he wouldn't know the difference.”

Brett went on to say that they ‘just wanted to have their fun with it’ and that they ‘enjoyed it’.

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Kristy and Brett from House 3 on The Block
It comes after Steph from House 4 said she didn't realise there was such a big 'target on her back'. Photo: Channel Nine

When asked by Belinda Russell if the tension on The Block is going to get any better, Kristy replied: “Get ready for it because you haven't seen nothing yet.”

Brett went on to thank their building team for getting them scores of nines so that they ‘could mess with everyone’.

Steph 'didn't realise how big of a target she was'

Appearing on Hit Breakfast’s Maz & Matty Show last week, Steph from House Four revealed that she didn't realise she was such a 'big target' on the show.

“I felt it a little bit at the time and then as the season went on, but now watching it, I didn’t realise how big of a target I did have. I really just take friends at face value, like what you say is what you mean to my face. I didn’t really understand that someone would be plotting something behind my back,” she said.

“I don’t know why. I think my simple answer is, are they threatened by me? Otherwise, it’s a waste of energy, but at the same time I really didn’t engage with it. I was just sort of like, why would I? I’m here for this amazing opportunity, I need to focus my whole energy on the house. I’m not going to focus on plotting or anything like that.”

Kristy, Leah and Steph from The Block 2023
The Block has been slammed this year for being too 'toxic'. Photo: Channel Nine

The Block viewers turn off

Die-hard fans of The Block have slammed this year’s season of the reality series for focusing too much on the contestants’ “toxic behaviour” rather than their renovations.

Taking to Reddit, one viewer shared that the show’s constant negativity and “bullying” amongst the cast is becoming more and more difficult to watch.

“I don’t mind a bit of drama, it’s a reality show so I get there might be some sparks, but every single episode there’s toxic behaviour, snarky comments and bullying and it's kind of bringing me down,” they wrote.

“I don’t feel good after watching The Block anymore and that’s a shame because this is usually my comfort show. I hope it gets better as the season goes on.”

Others agreed that the drama is “tiring”, and they prefer to watch the show online so they have the ability to “skip through all the toxicity”.

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