The Block: The 'secret meeting' behind Leah's decision to turn on Kristy that viewers won't see

EXCLUSIVE: 'Stop what you're doing now or you will be chased out of town'.

They were thick as thieves from the moment they met but The Block’s Leah and Kristy’s relationship looks set to implode this week.

After a series of events, viewers have been shown snippets of Leah from House 2 appearing to change her mind on her close bond with House 3’s Kristy, after weeks of friendship.

Leah and Ash on The Block
According to a source there was a 'secret meeting' between Leah and Eliza. Photo: Channel Nine

Now, an insider has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle the real reason behind Leah’s change of heart has to do with a ‘secret meeting’ she had with House 5’s Eliza, where afterwards she tried to ‘free herself from an impending backlash’ in being associated with Kristy.

“What Channel Nine will not show the viewers was the secret meeting between Eliza and Leah that changes everything for House 2,” our source says.

“Halfway through filming the 2023 season Eliza pulled Leah aside and gave her some industry advice. Eliza has worked in media for over ten years and has a wealth of knowledge on how these shows get made. She took it upon herself to share some of her knowledge with Leah and Ash and to be fair her advice was bang on the money.”

Eliza and Liberty on The Block
A source claims Leah and Eliza from House 5 have a 'secret meeting'. Photo: Channel Nine


Indeed, Eliza has quickly become a fan favourite contestant on this year’s season of The Block and the 37-year-old previously worked as Hamish Blake and Andy Lee's assistant for 10 years.

According to our insider, Eliza essentially said: “Stop what you're doing now or you will be chased out of town” which led to a much bigger conversation.

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Kristy and Brett on The Block
Leah and Ash's friendship with Kristy and Brett is set to implode. Photo: Channel Nine

“Eliza asked Leah what she wanted out of The Block experience and when Leah got real about why they joined the show, everything changed.”

According to our source, Leah claimed she wants to pursue a career in TV, with Eliza immediately giving her some frank advice.

“Eliza put on her television producer pants and explained, ‘Leah you are being set up as the villain of the series and if you keep it up - your dreams of being a TV Presenter will be crushed forever’.

“It was quickly explained that if she didn't start apologising to the other houses and start making Kristy accountable she should kiss her television ambitions goodbye.”

Our source can confirm that Leah took Eliza's advice very seriously and made sure she captured all of the redemption story on camera, which doesn't go down well with Kristy.

“Eliza had been self producing Liberty and herself since the start and now it would seem she is producing Leah too,” the source continued. “The sisters knew what to say and do to win over audiences.”

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