The Block couple savage the show: 'It's full of sh*t'

Holly Hales
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The Block couple Tess and Luke have blasted the renovation show. Photo: Channel Nine

Current The Block stars Tess and Luke have blasted the show that made them famous, labelling the experience a ‘pretty horrible’ one.

The shock criticism came just hours after the newlyweds’ tense on-site confrontation with host Scott Cam, who found fault with the pair’s lavish spending when compared to other teams.

“We didn’t watch last night,” Luke told of the drama-filled episode, which also saw his wife break down in tears and declare she was ready to quit the show.

Levelling criticism

He went on to label the series’ structure ‘full of sh*t’ and allege that he and Tess were ‘bloody sick of it’.

“We’re getting sick of how they’re editing us as being these big lazy pricks who don’t get off their a**e and do a single thing,” he said.

Tess broke down during Tuesday night's episode of The Block. Photo: Channel Nine

“We’re pretty upset with how we’ve been painted — it’s all a lie,” Tess added, “It’s really sad that we feel like we have to explain ourselves to people who have no idea who we really are. They’re judging us based on a show that is completely full of sh*t”.

In response to the criticism, a Nine spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle the network will “support [the couple] as the program is broadcast and beyond.”

“We recognise the mammoth challenges facing all contestants. We supported all of them throughout the build and we had a psychologist and support team available at all times,” they said.

Viewer feedback

Despite the couple’s emotional response to the show’s final edit, many viewers have concluded much of the criticism received is fair due to their behaviour while on the renovation program.

“$4000 couch and $2300 chairs - I think I know why Luke and Tess are broke,” wrote one critic one Twitter in reference to the pair’s spending habits.

Tess and Luke were confronted by Scott Cam during Tuesday night's episode. Photo: Channel Nine

“Tess and Luke are the only team with a qualified builder but I’ve rarely seen him do any work. Why are they so far behind?” quipped another.

However, others were more forgiving and found sympathy with the couple’s difficult situation.

“I feel like Tess and Luke haven’t worked the best but seriously they haven’t been helped by their builders being pretty sh** performance from what’s been shown,” they concluded.

The couple seemed to reach a breaking point during Tuesday night’s episode when Scott Cam confronted Tess about how their funds were being managed.

“I just want to be left alone! I'm not coping. I'm not coping and I'm sick of this,” she told a producer in tears before storming off set.

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