The Bachelor's Jimmy and Holly divide fans with controversial act

The Bachelor's Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston have divided fans with a controversial act during their holiday to Italy.

The pair have been documenting their European travels on Instagram, with photos of themselves on boats and looking loved up kissing on the Amalfi Coast.

However, the pair committed an act that could mortify Italian locals after they brought their own chilli flakes and parmesan cheese to add to their dinner at a restaurant.

Posting on Jimmy's Instagram Stories, the couple showed off the bags of cheese and chilli flakes.

Jimmy showing off parmesan cheese he took to a restaurant.
Jimmy and Holly took their own parmesan to add to their seafood pasta. Source: Instagram

"Holz, target acquired," pilot Jimmy can be heard saying as he passes her the pantry staples.

"Quick, hide it, quick, quick, quick, quick."

Holly then grabs the items as Jimmy is heard saying, "Nothing to see here, yep it's all good."


The pair captioned the video, "Italians, we bloody love you but we also love parmesan on seafood pasta".

Jimmy then added a poll to his Instagram Story that divided followers.

When he asked whether parmesan should be added to seafood pasta, 76 per cent voted "Yes, it makes it taste better", while 24 per cent voted "No, my Nonna would kill you".

Adding parmesan to seafood pasta is frowned upon in Italy, with one customer discovering that the hard way after a restaurant denied him the cheese on his crab ravioli.

Jimmy and Holly pose in front of the ocean in Italy.
Jimmy and Holly have been sharing pictures from their Italian getaway. Source: Instagram

The customer took to TripAdvisor in 2019 to slam the Maximo Italian Bistrot, but the owner responded by outlining the cardinal sins customers commit when eating Italian dishes.

"There are a few rules on the authentic Cucina Italiana you probably aren't aware," the owner said.

"NEVER ask for pineapple on pizza. NEVER put cream of Carbonara. NEVER ask for any Alfredo pasta. NEVER put chicken on arrabiata.

"And, last but not least, NEVER NEVER EVER ASK FOR CHEESE ON A FISH DISH. Simple rules as ABC, luckily I hadn't ruined your dish with it, you should thank us for it."

According to Italian news site, adding cheese to an Italian seafood dish overpowers the delicate flavour of the meal.

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